Thursday, May 19, 2011

IPOH Secret Garden

IPOH has a Secret Garden.... for the living, wine and dine...
so it says here...

Last night I met up with three Prominent Food Bloggers...
(don't play play.. hahahaa...)

The entrance..

Beside me is No-Frills
opposite me is Frozen Wings and next
is of course Sweet Delights!

So...what did we have in Secret Garden?

First came the warm fresh buns

followed by our meals...

Me and Frills ordered the same meal...
Salmon Rata....rata...something!

Elin's grilled salmon

Frozen Wing's grilled Chicken...

Admiring the food ... before I partake..

Free flow of red wine on every Wednesday...

The red wine was superb..
especially on such a giant glass..

after the meal, we went out to the Garden...
wonder what's the secret behind the name..

my camera is not doing much justice...

I will definitely want to come here once again...

to know more "secrets" about food at...
The Secret Garden..


  1. wah.. Ipoh very happening now ah... iLike.. one day have to go back and explore the 'new' food than always keep to those 'usual'... muhahaha..

  2. why your face so red? You same like me ka? drink a bit the face will go all red ka?

  3. what a nice night out with good food and great environment with great blogger friends!

  4. Free flow of wine on Wed - must go and finish all the wine and enjoy the food too.

  5. Claire
    We really enjoyed ourselves, didn't we? So much fun, chatting and laughing and not forgetting the food ...... and wine!

  6. wow.. you were enjoying fine dining for the night! nice food with nice people, what an awesome night u had!

  7. Ratatouie! :P u look like bbq-ed prawn :D

  8. Eh... Dat was ME commenting... Ter use William's acc pulaks! @_@

  9. claire, next time we go upstairs, maybe the secret is hidden up there!!

  10. You know what, I love the 12th photo. Whoa....Everyone looks so professional with their cameras. :o) Must go & tease Elin! haha... Just blaughing! You ladies had so much fun.
    Good night, dear.
    & sweet dream,

  11. looks like a nice place to dine in! :D whoa free flow of red wines summore! :D

  12. A nice new discovery in Ipoh. Love the colour of your salmon raita ;)

  13. Wah! Fine dining, really high class. Should be expensive but good to pamper ourselves once in a while. We deserve it.

    Elin celebrating the success of her daughter or what? Too bad I wasn't there or I would have insisted on that! LOL!!!

  14. I think my slot is every Wednesday for the free flow of wine only, hahaha.

    Oh man, I really need to stop looking at foods blog... Its so tempting... I wish I can print the pictures and eat it XD

  15. Wow, the place looks great! So as the food.. but where is it exactly?

  16. awesome! I hvn't been there yet.

  17. We enjoyed ourselves very flow of wine and the food was good. I love their preparation...not bad for Ipoh standard. Thumbs up. Will go again definitely!

    @ very naughty...where got pro. main main saja :p

    @ Wenn... you must try this out. You will love it :)

  18. I think I saw this place in TV few years back. Nice food and I particularly like the free flow of wine

  19. EXCELLENT! Now I have a cool western place to celebrate birthdays in Ipoh.

  20. Wow, free flow of wine. I would sure get drunk if I were there.

  21. good post!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral




  22. Nice place to dine and wine! Would love to go there!

  23. ladies night on Wed that get free flow of red wine? Look like a nice and cool place, food look good too! Most important is the good company.

  24. Nice place and nice food...

  25. The ambience is so dining at this kind of place, provided mozzie free...LOL!!

  26. cyn: hope more coming up in IPOH..

    kathy: oh, i also never notice till u said it!

    isaac: yes, we had a nice time..

    nava: only for ladies la!

    cheah: next time we go there on wednesdays.. hahaa..

  27. yingying: yeah, it was good!!

    merryn: i didnt notice la.. till u and kat mentioned it! hahaa..

    lena: u r very right!

    kristy: next time u come IPOH, we arrange a meeting!

    carol: for ladies only!

    gratitude: yes, i love it too...

  28. stp: waahh... cannot lar.. impose such a heavy treat on poor Elin meh.. hahaha.. maybe if you come, then different story la..

    daniel: hahaha.. your last sentence is very humourous!

    hayley: when i find out, i let u know.. hehhe..

    wenn: perhaps one night??? when will u be free one??

    elin: yeah, we must go again hor? this time get the address la!

    BF: for ladies only lar!

    ann: yeah, u should go try!

    cloudia: thanks!

    pete; bila??

    annie: not too bad.. can go one more time!

    mery: agree with u!

    yeeling: no mozzie for us older ladies..not so sure about u! hehee..

  29. Hah!!! You're trying to lure me to Ipoh... LOL!!! Will definitely love to go there some day...

  30. Wow it's a nice restaurant eh~
    Just wondered have you tried the Berlin Bier Haus in Ipoh?

  31. stp: great.. we will wait for u!

    tz: yes, tried once.. didnt go back for 2nd time yet..


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