Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scotty Is American Idol 2011 !!

Latest news on American Idol...... fresh from the oven, so they say...

Congratulations to Scotty McCreery!! He is the American Idol voted by the Americans for this season 2011.....

Actually I was thinking about it this morning when I came to work... wondering what time they will be showing LIVE... then just a moment ago, I received a SMS from our mamarazzi... she knows I am a great fan of Scotty... so kind of her to inform me that SCOTTY has won!

hahahaa.... I was thinking... he has won.. I am happy and that is it! hahahaa... I don't have any share of his prize, right..... just sharing the Happiness of this Cute Little Fella......

credit picture

Just now my friend asked me why I am so happy... "You got share in his prize money ah?" :)


  1. Hi Reana, only thru yours and a few others I learn about all this American Idol shows. Never watched before.
    Fellow looks Chinese! Ha ha.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Congrats Claire, your favourite won already, hahaha =D

  3. U.Lee: Scotty looks like Chinese? hehehe...

    hayley: friend just asked me.. I GOT SHARE MEH?

  4. wah so fast post up.

    Today eat what to celebrate?

  5. Aiya, not Reanaclaire kah? I voted for Claire leh....

  6. He's so young... and good looking... all the best Scotty!

  7. kathy: go and yam seng? hehehe..

    pete: aiyah!! one vote nia?

    daniel: bright future?

  8. Watched the results show this morning- 8a.m. till past 10a.m. Not a fan of either one, so did not matter to me who won. Enjoyed the show very much though!

  9. Congratulation Scotty and Claire, lol!

  10. Yeah, though I'm not a fan for both but I prefer Scotty win the show since he is a humble and charismatic boy!

  11. DIdn't really follow this season's american idol.. but gratz to the winnder anyway :)

  12. Claire, I like the way you support the person that you favourite, just like Datuk Lee Chong Wei and this new American Idol Scotty. I am like you also. I will give all my passion to the person I favourite. Kekekek!

  13. Happy... happy... my crooked guy with a crooked smile has finally won the title... Yippie! (Pam is half crazy now...)

  14. me not so into idols anymore :)
    doesn`t matter who win..

  15. yeah!! yeah!!..our favourite has won...*dancing happily*...
    p/s: macam la we got the share of his prize..haha

  16. Happy or not your idol won!! Hehe. to me it doesn't matter cos I don't particularly like any of the finalists :P

  17. stp: where did u watch it live?? may i know?

    alice: thanks! *bow* hahaha..

    isaac: i only started to watch the last 8 actually..

    sheohyan: sharing my excitement in my blog only.. hahaa..

    pam: you r very right actually..he likes to stand crooked and had a crooked smile with a crooked mike.. lol.. i m as crazy as u lah!

    luciana: for me, it depends.. like last year, i didnt follow much cos i dont like Adam..

    angelin: lets write to him!! show him this post!!

    sweetwitch: i only watch if i really like someone.. otherwise like u, not interested!

  18. You picked a winner :)
    I picked a loser :(

  19. I used to watch this show while I was in Singapore. Back to M'sia,apparently my house astro don't have that particular chance to watch it.

  20. I love American Idol but seldom get to watch it these days. The older Abby gets the more active she gets. this "gwama" is ready for bed when she is.

  21. my mom 1 of the happy people today too after knowing the result..


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