Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sudirman Cup 2011

Lee Chong Wei is playing LIVE now on Astro 811... this is a badminton team play... and there is only a slim chance of winning against the Koreans actually... actually no chance...from the way I see it.. :)

Last night Indonesia has won against Malaysia and now the Koreans... tough teams to breakthrough...

But win or lose, I will be watching them play... Tan Boon Heong is partnering is Hoon Thien How.. I haven't seen them partnering before on TV...

Koo Kien Keat played mixed doubles this time and they have lost in the first game...

OK, I better get back to the showdown.. Lee Chong Wei against Park Sunghwan... first set!


  1. Sudirman Cup, not played in Malaysia kah? Bye-bye to the cup lah... LOL!!!

  2. hahaha....stp.. reminds me of our singer Sudirman actually..

  3. reminds me of Sudirman too.

  4. Claire, you are really a big fans of badminton match.

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