Saturday, May 28, 2011

Scotty McCreery In His Finale Song!

For days I was waiting anxiously for Friday to come so that I could watch the finale performance of Scotty and Lauren in American Idol 2011. Last night I was sitting in front of my television at exactly 10pm, tuned in to 8TV.... and ain't I shocked when it was the RESULTS show instead??

Gosh, what a blunder! I didn't least expect the show to be shown on Thursday and I took it for granted it was always Friday on 8TV. Aiyoh!! So I missed their songs la! Just now I logged in Youtube to watch their performance... chey... nothing like the real thing on TV!

By the way, will there be any repeat??? Guess not... huh...

but I can still listen to his single here....
His finale song when he was announced the winner!



  1. Thought you're a big AI fan, how could you miss out??
    Anyway, there was a repeat on Astro channel 711 last night...

  2. I also dislike the feeling of missing the program that I follow closely.

  3. He has a really great rich low gravel voice...and good looks to match. But somehow I do not feel the songs when he sings...and his looks seem somewhat plastic too - his smile does not seem to radiate any emotions. Sorry, as it is, I'm not a fan but hopefully, given time, with a lot more experience,he'll be a lot better...

  4. hayley: never checked the papers lo.. took for granted!

    sheohyan: normally never missed one..

    stp: yes, he is still sort of green.. as he sang his song, it said he didnt have much experience... even his dancing is really out.. i think he is not so flexible as a singer should be as yet.. given time, i think he will improve.. and i also think that he didnt expect to be american idol too! his fans must be ladies.. like me! hahahaa...

  5. hard core American Idol fan :)

  6. Good singer but I don't know him.

  7. Dont worry. There sure to be repeat during weekend

  8. kathy, got ah? let me know if u do.. i dont read newspaper... hehee..

  9. Seems like AI is getting younger and younger haha.

  10. wenn: yes.. doesnt sound like him...

    bananaz: sooner or later it will be like a teenage talentime?

  11. Oh, sorry you missed it, I hate it when that happens! So you will be buying his C.D. as soon as it comes out?

  12. I dun follow AI, think I oni watched 1 season so far. But hv been well "updated" abt it in FB. :)

  13. Oh that is too bad that you missed the show you really were waiting for! I don't follow the show but understand it has a huge following. Hope all is well with you and your family, just getting caught up on blogging.

  14. I did not see they sing for the finale too.. straight saw the result..

    wow..some1 in love.. ^_^...


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