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Yellowman Followed Me Home...

Finally I got my STICK! YES!!

How did I decide? First, I went to the Maxis centre, besides enquiring about the broadband, I wanted to change my handphone package too, from the RM80 plan, I opt for the RM30 plan now. I do not call much nowadays and it is a waste to pay 80rm monthly.....

As for the broadband, Maxis is offering RM48 monthly with 1.5GB, and it is faster from 7pm to 7am...... I nearly signed up the plan if not for Elin whispering to me that I should check out with the Yellowman Digi....

Upon reaching Digi, I was informed that the monthly plan is only RM38 with 3GB! It is called Day Discovery plan, something like that, meaning the speed is faster from 7am to 7pm... JUST WHAT I NEEDED!

Furthermore if paid through direct debit every month, I get another RM5 off the bill so in other words, I only pay RM33 only!

Immediately I signed up... paid RM130 for registration and advanced payment and I was given this beautiful STICK!

Beautiful, isn't IT?

Digi should pay me for this post... hahahaa.....


  1. Welcome to the family of mobile broadband. LOL!!! Don't leave home without it!

  2. yes. it's a good post, digi should pay you for it!

  3. Oh... so reasonable and FAST!!! I think it's time I give up my streamyx... hoh?

  4. stp: it will follow me most days! :)

    agnes: hope they notice it.. hahaha...

  5. pam, i also need my streamyx .. for house phone and also for my kids when they come back.. but if you are alone, a broadband is sufficient..

  6. RM33 per month with unlimited use? tQ

  7. Yes.. 3gb... faster by day.. slower by night.. but i m not sure yet cos i am not testing it now.. 10.35pm. i am using my streamyx now..

  8. Sounds like you have a great new plan, Claire. Isn't is amazing how quickly technology is changing these days --- and improving...


  9. hehehe...sambung nyawa Clare.. ^_^

  10. wow..digi broadband..:)

    i think digi is cheaper than any other brand.

  11. Ah, that plan sounds really good! I'm planning to get one when I come back for summer break :)

  12. Once you hit the quota, they will throttle your speed... i think that package is more suitable for normal surfing and not lots of downloading and all that... or streaming of videos...

  13. It all sounds very cool, but I don't know what the stick is, I don't know if we have them here!

  14. As a loyal DiGi user... Welcome to the yellow side! DiGi... Always the smarter choice. haha

  15. bestsy: yes, they are real fast nowadays..

    cath: resuscitated!!

    stella: for is cheap..33rm..

    miki: great!!

    bean: i use it mainly for daytime.. by night i have streamyx and i dont download movies.. i just blog and surf.. so it should be ok.. :)

    ginny: it is a broadband.. hehehe..

  16. Glad that you made up your mind! Enjoy your Digi stick ya, LOL...

  17. Have a nice weekend with your Yellowman.

  18. hayley: yes...digi it is!

    mery: cool hor.. hahaa...

    sheohyan: yellowman.. yeah!

  19. haha yalor... shoud forward to DIGI and claim advert fees

  20. good wor..tell me if it's true after u use

  21. medie: yeah hor.. i better write in.. :)

    kathy: today i didnt use la.. but yesterday it was ok..

  22. wah... cant believe it u bought something that ur office block so that u can surf??!!

  23. *humming the tune* I will follow u... hehehe

  24. rachel: shhhh... actually not really la.. my office got line liow.. bought it for my laptop so that whenever i go outstation, i can ONLINE! :p

    slavemom: follow you wherever u may go!


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