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Love Of My Life - SWALK

While driving home after dropping my girl to tuition, I put on the Bee Gees CD and the first song at random was Melody Fair. When the song was playing, it brought back my childhood memories... I was only 11 when the movie SWALK was shown in Lido cinema and you would not believe how many times I watched this show!

I was Crazy... I WAS and still Am at times... I watched this show more than 10 times!! I was REAL Crazy... over SWALK.. over MARK LESTER... over TRACY HYDE... that was my first movie which made me fall in love with Mark Lester.... I thought I was.. hahahaa... (11 years old is very vulnerable to puppy love!)

I remember buying a lot of magazines like Fanfare, Galaxie just to cut out all their pictures and pasted them into an exercise book...

How I wish I still have these memoirs... they are priceless now.... sigh... all my hard work and effort... my infatuations... my dreams of going to England... all gone as years go by....

Thanks to youtube..... I can still "fall in love again" with them.... once more...

SWALK starring Tracy Hyde, Jack Wild & Mark Lester

wonder how she looks now...

I remember having this black and white pic..
on the front page of my scrap book...
How I wish ... I'm young again..


  1. Ohhhh... I love Bee Gees songs. =D My fav is 'How Deep is Your Love'.

  2. I may be young but I grew up listening to oldies, the all time favourite of my family. Bee Gees, Beatles, Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley were my childhood companion...

  3. I love Bee Gees songs, so calm and nice to listen~

  4. cleff: when i watched this show, you were still .. er.. where ah..

    pam: yes, my sons love bee gees too but not my girl.. too young!

    hayley: bee gees is another legend next to MJ..

  5. hmmm, have not heard about this movie before woh.. but then i know Bee Gees lah, kind of love their songs, i even have their collection album.. night fever night fever~~ :)

  6. u know Bee Dees? lol.. Bee Dees more famous than Bee Gees during MY time :P

  7. SWALK was before my time! I had the biggest crush on JTT from Home Improvement and bought dozens of those teeny bopper magazines so I could rip out the posters and hang them on my wall.

  8. Swalk.. now this is something new for me. *goes off to search more about it in google :)

  9. I still haven't exists and my parents still haven't met! LOL!

  10. I have never heard of this show, but I LOVE the BEE GEES!!! I have a lot of their songs, and remember buying their first album back in the 60's!!!! Since Maurice died, I guess they won't sing together anymore. I never found out if they won the lawsuit or not.

  11. Hi Reana, good for you having these memories. Yes, I too remember them.
    And I too had my pin ups of actresses...I guess when in our teens it was always these movies, actors that will remain with us.
    Have a nice day.

  12. Didn't you post on Mark Lester before? I had a post on this movie long ago too - I love First of sad, the song.

    I saw this movie 1973 in Singapore - rerun... Missed it the first time when screened in the cinemas in Sibu - study time, weekdays...not allowed to watch movies.

  13. sk: u were not born or still a baby then?

    merryn: beedees is bra la..

    aquariann: yes, definitely before your time.. hahaha..

    ginny: what lawsuit?

    u.lee: yes, childhood memories will linger...

    stp: u have a good memory.. yes, wrote about him before.. to all the men i loved before.. hahaha.. i am going to watch the movie again.. and see whether it still makes an impact on me or not.. hearing the song and watching the video clip last night got me imagining i was young as a teenager again.. gosh..

  14. isaac: u were not even created.. hahaa...

    cleff: u too.. i m as old as your parents?

  15. I love Bee Gees too! Perhaps due to my dad's influence.. he's a BIG fan! But I seriously never heard of SWALK before :P

  16. Isn't it funny how a song can bring back childhood memories?

    Visiting from voiceBoks!


  17. sweetiwitch: guess your dad is born in the 60s.. :)

    spilledmilkshake: yes, songs can make an impact in our hearts and minds.. :)

  18. Yes...Bee Gees. It reminds me of something too.

  19. Tell you what, I love oldies too. My car radio always tunes to Lite FM and not Hitz nor Mix FM.

  20. Now you are saying it here, i never watched it but i think i will go and check it out,,,,,,,,, mark lester ha?

    thanks for sharing,,, i am sure this movie brings you a lot of memories..i am sure

  21. littlekitboy: too bad they dont sing anymore..

    sheohyan: me light and easy.. my girl always change back to mixed fm.. sigh..

    eugene: yeah, Mark.. now no more news from him and also not cute anymore.. hahahaa..

  22. Ha ha ha, Galaxie magazine....used to buy those also! LOL!

  23. i love some of their songs! n my mom love them much! :D

  24. melody fair is a very nice song but dont know swalk..mmm..where was i?

  25. pete: you remember? :)

    carol: hahaha.. parents of bloggers..

    lena: the name of the show is SWALK.. heehee... 1971.. are u born yet?

  26. I have never ever seen this. But I have...listened to a few of Bee Gees songs lar. :p

  27. Never knew of this. But I love Bee Gees songs too..

  28. I never known this movie SWALK, but I loved some songs frm Bee Gees. "Saturday Nite Fever" make me swing to the beat.

  29. tekkaus: way too young.. not even born :)

    agnes: gosh, it makes me old.. hahaha..

    jessie: most of you were not born yet... :)


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