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Lin Dan Spoils It Again?

Badminton Singapore Open finals is going on now... the fans in the stadium had a great disappointment when they found out that Lin Dan and Chen Jin decided not to play against each other in the singles finals a moment ago.

Much "boo-ing" and outcry from the crowd was heard even when Lin Dan came out to the crowd to explain that he cannot play due to an injury... (sounds very familiar) and the crowd knew that it was just another excuse?

Well, I cannot vouch for that... but I know this is the 4th time Lin Dan "walked over" and only when he had to play against his own compatriot in the finals.... what do you say?

Lin Dan - unpopular in Singapore a moment ago....

Chen Jin became the champion again.. and again...

Chen Jin and Lin Dan
to smile or not to smile..
getting prizes for not playing..
a Great disappointment to the fans in the stadium..


  1. I say. Boot CBA out of Olympics since the proof are there already. Write to IOC and set up a petition. Anyone knows how to do it?

  2. That's very unsporting of them. ><

  3. extreme: i think you are more knowledgeable than me in terms of badminton.. :)

    isaac: dont waste time?

  4. BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lin Dan the coward chicken!

  5. Bcoz most of them come 2 see Lin Dan so of course it makes them very disappointed rite..

  6. Never liked him!
    Remember those days when Yang Yang and Han Jian played? That was real class!

  7. Oh? Handsome did not play kah? LOL!!! Our datuk muka kuda where? I hear he did not go, right or not?Muahahahaha!!!!

  8. pam: i think he doesnt want to waste his energy...

    dla: yeah.. paid to watch him play. semi finals more exciting..

    meck: cos same countrymen.. if against another country, i think he will play

    gratitude: that one, i cannot remember la.. hahah..

    stp: hey, dont step LCW.. he didnt participate in this Singapore one.. now he is training for the world championship ...

  9. hmmm, very not sporting, just because China gets both the place in finals, they can just refuse to play..

  10. well... their strategy i suppose?

  11. twilight: hmmm...

    sk: maybe not so exciting to play with own china friend...

    medie: no reason..

    xjion: not sure what the reason is..

  12. He's too arrogant already, hope DLCW will triumph over him from now on.

  13. Err...badminton kah? I'm not familiar wif this sport. LOL... u ask me F1 den I know la. Kakaka... hardcore supporter of F1 racing. LOL!

  14. Oh goodness, is this bad sportsmanship? Or maybe he really is injured? We need a letter of excuse from his doctor!

  15. chris: hope our lcw will be able to do that from now on..

    cleff: yeah..badminton is the only game i watch.. hehehe..

    ginny: i think the organizers should put a stricter ruling..

  16. I'm not into badminton, but based on the other comments, I think that's no sportmanship at all!

  17. This reflected very badly not only on him, but also the country..I'm afraid.

    Being a sportman, they should have the spirit.

  18. kiasu: maybe he is really injured..

    hayley: what to do.. :)

    littlekitboy: they are still the strongest in badminton..

  19. fans aledy paid for the ticket, sure disapoint lah

  20. pete, yeah lo...if i were there, also i felt the same..


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