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We Had Sibu Noodles

The last two packets of Sibu noodles.... how I got them? I am sure many of you know.... the Sibu man who came as I mentioned in this post... he gave me a few packets of noodles which are not sold here in Ipoh nor in Penang......

This time I cook them just by putting garlic, oil, dark and light sauce... my girl likes it this way too...

one packet each....

bought some purple vegetables.. (san choy)
and made some soup with one beaten egg...

a simple meal for both of us..
noodles, fishcake and vegetable soup...
Thanks for the noodles, STP!


  1. Sibu noodles? Hmm, interesting. Don't think can find it here at Perak, right?

  2. Mmmm... I haven't heard of sibu noodles before. Is your girl staying with you, just your boys outstation?

    Nothing beats a simple but delish home cooked meal, Claire. Have a good weekend!

  3. i WANTTTT sibu noodles. where to buy in KL?

  4. Sabah's and Sarawak's noodles are different from our as they possess a strong eggy and alkaline taste.These noodles are even more popular than rice that they have become the daily staple of the locals. Sarawak Kolok Mee, Sibu Kampua Noodles, Sabah Tuaran Mee, Tamaparuli Mee etc. Have you tried all of them?

  5. hayley, different brand, yeah.. cannot find ..

    irene: have a good weekend too!

    rachel: have to tell that to STP... hahahaha...

    pam: i tried kolok mee before but not kampua yet.. wait till i go subu one of these days ...

  6. Mee Daddy? I thought you're supposed to cook soup noodles? I did not buy you the mee goreng, did I? They're available in maybe they're sold at some places in the peninsula too.

    That bit about the strong eggy and alkaline taste is definitely not true. Our Sibu yellow noodles are pale and not as attractive looking as those over your side due to the low content of "kee" (whatever that is) they are softer or not as "khiew"...and gets soggy very quickly and easily - so must be skillful enough to cook them so as to dish out something just right and really nice.

    No comments about those in Sabah or in Kuching but for one thing, my relatives in Kuching would get me to buy so many kgs from Sibu for festivals like Chinese New Year because, according to them, the Kuching noodles have too much "kee" and are not the mee in Semenanjung.

  7. P.S.
    Kampua mee is a different type of mee altogether and is even paler than what's supposed to be "yellow noodles" here...and no eggy or alkaline taste - maybe there's a little egg used in the making but definitely no "kee".

    I really wonder who's that making that comment and on what authority she makes them. Absolutely misleading!!!

  8. stp, cool down man... cool... Pam is a teacher cum an avid traveler...
    Oh, you didnt give me the mee daddy la.. it has a chinese name.. now suddenly i cannot recall the name.. start with L alphabet I think.. and it is laksa curry.. cos my girl didnt want curry, I cook it dry for her.. it is the noodles that we want to eat.. hehehe... i like them cos they are more refined than the ones over here.. next time I wanna try the Mee Daddy...

  9. Ah yes! I gave you the Lee Fah laksa noodles - made in Kuching. I gave Eugene the Mee Daddy - made in Sibu. Come, come to Sibu...and I'll give you the made-in-Sibu ones. Eugene loves it - always wants more. LOL!!!

  10. do you have pictures of the noodle packet or not?

  11. stp: aiyah..kuching noodles ah.. then that means I wrote wrongly liow.. should i amend? but the title will be still be shown Sibu.. hahaha.. never mind.. if anyone asks, I will say.. oh, Kuching noodles.. sorry.. i took for granted they were from Sibu!

    lena: none la.. but it is Lee Fah as stp mentioned and they were from Kuching wor..

  12. I didn't know that Sibu noodles are sold in packets too. Do they sell in KL?

  13. lucky you! if stp give me those noodles oso i dunno how to cook them! hehe.. :D

  14. never heard of sibu noodles. We always eat Maggi mee only :DD

  15. STP is such a nice guy isn't he. :) Glad you made a really nice dish out of the noodles. I think it turned out rather yummy :)

  16. This looks really good, much better than the last meal you bought! I think you are a very good cook. So well rounded, too, a little of everything!

  17. Isaac, of course I'm nice! Hehehehe!!! AndMerryn, can importthe cook sekali... LOL!!!

    Kuching, Sibu same lah...all in Sarawak. You liked the Sarawak laksa Elin cooked? That is Kuching's specialty so it is called Sarawak laksa or Kuching laksa - no, Sibu laksa. LOL!!!

  18. That all looks soooo delicious!!! Yum!

  19. wenn: yeah simple meal..

    twilight: according to stp, they are from kuching..

    merryn: u pretend only! u r much better cook than i m!

    agnes: i buy cintan more..

    isaac: simple only nia.. hahaha..

    ginny: i m no good cook, just simple meals will do..

    stp: yes, she cooked it already.. i will post up later.. hehehe..

    rashelle: thanks!

  20. no lah claire. gimme instant noodles i cook better! :D

  21. Oh, first I tght is Kampua time get Kampua Mee (dry one) and toast it with garlic oil and maggi taste nice too and I just have it for lunch this afternoon.

  22. merryn: this is also instant noodles.. sometimes i like them dry and at times with their msg flavour!

    mery: do they have kampua mee over here? what brand?

  23. Mery's from Sibu too... Hehehehe!

  24. Yum! I want those noodles!! : )

  25. Oh, at first i thought STP give you dry kampua, till i read the comment above.

    Next time can ask STP to bring you some dried kampua from Sibu, then you can cook at home too, but best still go to Sibu and try.

    Psssttt..STP see, i help you to promote Sibu, getting people to go there and visit you. hahahah


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