Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Lavish Spending

"Why work so hard? Why want to save so much money?" These questions were frequently asked generally, by me to others and others to me. We are sort of reminding each other to treat ourselves well... don't always get ourselves stressed up by working HARD, day and night!! Right, ladies??

I was getting kind of disappointed with my blog few days ago... I was kind of working hard... I know, I asked for it so I was kind of expecting too much from blogging and when something did not turn up good, I felt kind of frustration welling inside me.

So what DID I do to overcome the craziness in me?? I went for a shopping spree.... flinging out a portion of my month's pay for these..
All For The Love Of My Face...

It was on promotion during Saturday's Off Day
I ended up spending RM700 on that day...
(kind of greedy too... got 10 free gifts wor...)

all the Anti kind of stuff...
Anti-aging... ahem..
Anti-wrinkles... oopps...
and in no time, I might be Anti-Cash!!


  1. No money, never long as can stay looking young and beautiful. LOL!!!

  2. wow! Lancome! i kind of like their cosmetic! xD

  3. Jaw dropping to see the damage you got yourself into. damage to the pocket, but gain in looking young and good. ok lahhh

  4. It is worthy....definitely must buy.

  5. Aiyo, no need to buy all these stuff lah, spend a little more, eat healthy food.....sure become beautiful wan.....

  6. If you are happy then it is worthy

  7. We are in the same boat. Every time when I go to my beautician, she will try to push as many products to me and I usually end up buying more than what I need.

  8. stp: like the chinese saying, die also must look good! hahahaa...

    carol: me too!

    yingying: buy first, suffer later! :p

    mery: serious? hehee..

    pete: aiyah..why didnt tell earlier??

    eugene: if i m happy, do it?? :p

    pam: oh beautician ah.. cannot force me buy one.. but she tempts me to do more facial.. buy 2 free one and all that gimmick.. hahaa..

  9. no problem , claire. as long as you think it's worth that!

  10. Wah! I am happy that you have similar angin like me. When emo, I also would go shopping crazy & get massaged from head to toe.

    You really have taste to use Lancome which most rich Tai-Tais use! It is good brand la. Now happy kah?

  11. I so wish I have that much money to spend... unlike you, this month is the tightest month for me, haha... endurance!

  12. Hi Reana, when the going gets tough.....ha ha.
    For me, I too get one of those days....I take my car drive to a nearby river, next to 2 golf clubs and pick up golf balls in the water, ha ha.
    I now have so many too, giving some away to friends who play golf.
    This way no money spent.....ha ha.
    You stay easy.....have a great week.

  13. Oh, it all looks wonderful! Now maybe you and your girl can have a spa day at home? Well...I guess she doesn't need any anti-age things yet!

  14. spree ah? ahahaha

    Happy Duan 5 Jie!

  15. Lena: those will last me for a long time!

    twilight: wah... first time i got branded as rich tai tai! hahaha..

    daniel: me every month also tight.. hutang dulu..

    U.Lee: so nice.. at least your frens will be very happy..

    ginny: she needs her face scrubbed! hahaha..

    kathy: lantak la.. spend first.. yes, happy Bah Chang chit to u !

  16. Well...retail therapy also helps with anti stress. So....once in a while ok lah. :)

  17. Wah ... So expensive!! Ladies ..........

  18. ann: once a blue moon only..

    chris: er.. sg dollar only 300 ma..

  19. Dont get disappointed with the blog my dear friend, you'll always have my support here! :)

    Retail therapy really works hor. So are you feeling better now? :)

  20. Hehehe you are right, work so hard sometimes have to reward ourselves too. :)

  21. isaac: That day felt good.. now felt "sum toong." hahaha....

    cheeyee: yes, but unfortunately, have to be frugal for the next few months..

  22. I can totally understand how you feel! I sometimes plan to buy just ONE thing and end up buying a whole lot more just because of the free gifts :P Women nature!

  23. great shopping there and i'm sure u will feel worth for what u spending, need not to heart ache already, go sapu all at ur face...then u will know the 700 is well spend..hehehe..

    is ok, once a while must pampered ourselve that way....

  24. Wah... so many products for your skin... hehe

  25. You've made yourself a Lancome ambassador. Please follow up and tell us how those anti products work. Would like to know if they really work.

  26. you are beautiful!

    Aloha from Waikiki :)

    Comfort Spiral




  27. Hey I think it is totally awesome to be spending on something that you love (in this case, beauty products...haha!!) once in a while...and after all, like you said, it's on promotion right? with 10 you actually buy yourself a bargain. But then again, the next time if you feel stress, I'm sure there are better ways to overcome the craziness...such as exercise, grab a drink (maybe vodka on the rocks) or do something crazy that is less expensive...haha!!

  28. sweetwitch: are we kiasu? :p

    lemon: i guess so.. we must pamper ourselves!

    hayley: cos my skin very hebat one!

    lian: lancome gonna suffer bec of me.. hahaha...

    cloudia: thanks!~

    kianhin: that one ah..exercising is not nice la..maybe go for trips also good hor? but spending money too! how!

  29. Haha!! ceh wah...exercise is just as important in maintaining the young look...:)
    Well, going for trips are fun but it might even be more expensive...haha!! Guess this is the ugly truth...everything good involves $$!! haha!!

  30. Claire, once i did spend that much on facial thingy also...after that i regretted so much..i shud have just use the money for, as long as it helps us to look younger n prettier,who care anti-cash...ahahhahah

  31. good that you have extra cash to spend...:DD RM700.00 for branded skin care products, not bad!

  32. kianhin: yea.. talk money, very sien one.. sometimes feel like spending a bit more for once!

    yeeling: money can be recovered right?

    agnes: this set will last me for a long time, i think.. hahaa..

  33. All for the skin and youth, worthy la!


Thank you, readers!

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