Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shopping Spree For A Fee

After our breakfast this morning, Tammy, Girlie and I went for a shopping spree in the town mall. Surprisingly, we had an easy parking, no hassle of queuing up, furthermore today is free of charge! What a good start to a Saturday morning!

Upon entering, we went straight to a beauty counter, today they have good sales going on. Buy a certain amount and I can get 10 pieces of free gifts. LOL.. that is what I am looking forward to, the free gifts, redemption points and lastly, free vouchers! I have RM100 voucher in my hands after spending a few hundreds on my set of beauty products. (Aren't I vain?) Well, what to do, at my age, I need to "rejuvenate" my poor cells, right?

After my purchase, my girl also wanted something for herself. Ended up buying an "overall coat", very nice for her slim figure. (too bad size "S" could not fit me though) LOL.... I dare not count how much I spent, I simply signed the slips and keep my fingers crossed ... wait till the bill comes, then I will "faint."

The rest of another hour were spent window shopping, just don't enter any other shops, passed them by would do.... Then my girl suggested going for something refreshing and she suggested this place.

it was very cosy and nice...
just too bad that there were not many customers...

very nice designs... neat.. clean....

and sweet... in fact too sweet for my liking...
Next time I will not order this...
Looks refreshing but not at all quenching....
Well, there is always a first time and .. the last...


  1. What is that? You see no customers, you should know already - sure no good one.LOL!!!

  2. Where is this place? No customer one??

  3. stp: cos the place is it looks very empty..actually 2 or 3 tables were occupied...

    pam: mega mall opposite DBI.. hehee..

  4. Claire, is this at Ipoh Parade? How to survive?

  5. Ya, some times I wonder how they survive? Their food must be expensive so to cover the rental.

  6. cheah: maybe weekends or night timemore people..

    serene: yes.. one snow ice is RM6..

  7. so so so quiet to shop there? Btw, I met Kim ling in Sunway Pyramid today with her bf... hehehe.. tell her mum quick!! :p

  8. lisa: snow ice.. fine ice with some sweetened milk..

    chris: aiyah..parents in US ma..

  9. How come the shop is empty one? no customer..

  10. haha, already spent so much burning a hole in your pocket within 1 hour?? impressive.. haha, and you still went into that shop that has no customers at all?? for me, i'll doubt so~~

  11. Claire, your blog has not been on my blogroll in days!!! It just is today so I have been catching up with all your posts. Who is the poem to, did a friend just die? I am so sorry. Also your bittersweet memories about your husband, how often do you go to the mall, does it must be unbearably sad...

  12. I would love to go for a shopping spree too!

  13. Excellent piece of collect ones again dude. I am going to collect this shopping spre now. Please share with us more.

  14. wow, you had so much fun at the mall. I am jealous :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday with your family.


  15. A very nice and cozy restaurant.

  16. You made miss shopping with my own mom......

    Btw, what food is that?

  17. I went to this place the other day with my family...Don't really like it...


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