Sunday, August 7, 2011

Desserts-Maniac ME!

Okay, I admit and I confess... I am a Dessert-maniac....

I better control myself from eating too much sweeties... my parents are so-called diabetics.... that being a fact, I do my glucose check-up quite regularly.... don't play play with that...

Must use self-control when it comes to these temptations.... Laura Branigan, I will listen to your song more often... Your song "Self Control" is what I need to learn....

Desserts I took in Pavilion...
In a Japanese restaurant at the basement..
Forgot its name, sorry...
But can never forget this!!

the brownie and the vanilla ice cream...
its so creamy... and the brownie just to my taste!!

this is green tea ice cream... very creamy too
must be branded ice cream..
should have asked them what type they put..
i doubt they will tell me...

ordered this in Jade Kitchen something...
creamy mango, pomelo jelly.... etc...

thousand layer cake in Din Tai Fung

fried creamy mango in Din Tai Fung too...

OOpps.. I put this back on..
don't be alarmed...
I love this ME...
that shows I have a prosperous look..
and that I am fed pretty well...
Thank You for the glorious food....


  1. shoot! U scare me with the last pic!!! >_<

  2. merryn, no need to be scared.. it is cute ma... from horror to cuteness..

  3. Haha! That distorted picture of you...pretty scary. I'm sure if you keep looking at it you'll keep yourself in check with the desserts.

  4. Ooooo...these desserts I like! No problem for me - already look like that! Muahahahaha!!!!

  5. I thought you kena dai gang pai pulak kakakaka...not really gila dessert la

  6. Hi Reana, Holy Smoke, you sure live to eat from the foods, desserts I see, ha ha.
    Nice desserts.....have always love ice cream too.
    But only when watch a good late night TV movie.
    Have fun.

  7. Brownie and ice cream looks delicious. I'm also suppose to be a diabetic, and controlling it with diet. But I don't cute out all sweets. My doctor told me if I eat too many sweets, make sure I keep drinking plenty of water, that helps move the sugar through the system quicker. My Mother uses pills, my Grandmother used insulin shots.

  8. desserts are nice.. but sometimes, always expensive :)

  9. Japanese dessert? The restaurant called MOF, right?

  10. I am sure you dont eat all these desserts alone.


  11. How come no durian dessert? I thought you love durian? :p

  12. Wow...besides Sushi, the Japanese is really good with desserts too huh. :p

  13. mom2kiddos: that shows we are so blessed in a way...

    stp: lets shake hands!!

    kathy: no wonder la.. u dont like..

    kendra: ok!

    U.Lee: no.. late nights, no food, please.. hahhaa..

  14. PATTY; so we got to be pretty careful..

    ken: yes, it cost like main meal at times..

    filip: i try each of everything.. though i love to finish actually.. i can, u know.. .

    tekkaus: durian already shown in previous post.. makan liow!
    yes, this japanese restaurant is not bad.. forgot the name though..

    pam: MOF? i think there are a few words.. near the Jade Kitchen one.. what name?

    rachel: MOF, too? i know it is next to jade kitchen if im not mistaken...

  15. hehhehe, i am also a dessert freak, haha!! give me any dessert (but of course gotta be edible and reasonably nice lah) and i have no problem eating them~~ :D

  16. Aiyo, the last photo scare me lah, become CTP liao, Claire Tua Pui....ha ha ha!

  17. Yikes, what happened to you in the last picture? I have never heard of thousand layer cake, it looks so interesting, would love a taste, guess it is a lot of work to prepare!

  18. LOL! You eat this everyday for the next month, you'll definitely look like the last picture.. HAHA!! Anyways, I now will only come to your blog after berbuka puasa for fear got some good photos that'll make me drool.. Hehhehehee

  19. sk: welcome to my club!

    pete: thanks for changing my name..

    ginny: though not thousand layers but the name says it so.. hope i got it correct.. :)

    bella: i better control a bit.. a bit.. ok? :p

  20. If you continue walloping the sweetie stuff,the last pic look shall come to pass, hahahhah, watch that stuff of sweetie ya

  21. hahahhaha! the last photo is too funny, claire!

  22. Tsk tsk.... how can you forget the name of the restaurant which offers such delicious delicacies?

    Next time if you happened to go to Pavillion again, do check for me, ya? Good things are meant to be shared, including fats. Hehehe!

  23. I bet many ladies like sweet stuff, I'm included. But better watch out, you are what you eat!

  24. terkejut when i see the last pic..LOL!! I love dessert as much as you do.

  25. Don't think is MOF since it tutup kedai already... btw, desserts are to cure stressed best, so eat while you can enjoy!!! :D I love desserts too!

  26. I was just wiping away my saliva when looking at the snowflake desserts in your earlier post, now again, I need to use 2 more tissues to wipe. You better put a warning notes on top of your blog, visit your blog only after fasting hours.

  27. eugene: come to pass only.. not to stay...phew..

    lena: fatt look!

    yvonne: i will enquire from my fren.. absent minded ma.. what to do..

    hayley: gosh.. i m what i eat.. yes, very right!

    ling: then u and i can shake hands!

    cyn: hehehe.. sama gang!

    yan: hmmm... u fast?

  28. LOL ! That last pic of you !!!! Don't do that to yourself!

    Oh my...fried creamy tempting....must go and try one day

  29. U looked like that after taking too much dessert is it? U r so ugly, lah! Lol.....

    I loved dessert too once in a while, cant eat much, just take a little here and there.

    Wouldnt mind to taste the fried creamy mango. :)

  30. i wish i could try that fried creamy mango dessert.. first time seeing it.. anyway, enjoy some real good desserts once a while is ok. but don't lose control o. =)


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