Monday, August 8, 2011

In St Mike's Bistro With My Kids

Andy is back for his semester holidays again!! YES! Love having him around.... I just told him that in fact.... "I love having you in the house, " I said and his swift answer was, "Yes, I am male maid ma."... Both of us laughed heartily at that......

Partly true... ok, most of it is true, I give him credit to that... when he is around, my chores around the house are very much enlightened.... he is my part time driver... he chauffeurs his sister from school, sends her to and from tuition, he collects the clothes but never folds (that's the sister's job) and he mops, he washes the plates, boils water...... sounds like an advertisement for ladies' dream man? hahahhaa.... just kidding... he is still underaged...

Well, his efforts are also paid, of course.... I have to feed him well.... in exchange of my "burdens" at home.... must also know how to "bribe" ma... right? ok, don't use the word "rasuah"... we are "clean" ... Bersih...

Use the word... Pamper.... it is a two way traffic, my kids pamper me... I pamper them back with good food... let's go St. Mike... shall we??

in St. Mike Bistro again... this time in the evening....

for starters we had a smoked duck salad ...

as usual, I ordered the Halibut fish..
this time with crispy fried herbs...
(I used layman's terms here...
cos I forgot the names of the dishes!)

Andy had chicken with this special sauce...
a beautiful name for it....
and he told us that this is "out of the world"

Fernie is spaghetti/pasta addict...
but this one came with a special piece of halibut fish as toppings..
she finished it all.....

ordered an Oreo milkshake drink...
both of them shared this...

OK, this is the real me... without gaining weight as yet..
but if u see closer, the layers of fats are visible... ouch!!

With the lady boss, Madam Seow...

If you want to make bookings or enquiries,
do call her up at 0165933068 and ask her
for the special menu of the day...
she is very friendly and nice...
the address of St Mike is in this post here....


  1. wow,lucky you! can i trade my eldest girl who doesn't know a thing or two about house chores...LOL
    You must have trained him well.

  2. it's me sasa , ur follower .
    I want to ask for help !
    I have a problem , that is all my blog posts kena copied by a blog , seriously all my posts!!
    what should i do ? i have change my blogger email n passwords too..
    please help me to fight against the copy dog !! i have pic as proof in my blog! seriously , I need ur help !!
    thank you !

  3. I am pasta addict too, now with that halibut fish. the meal will be perfect fine and full lol

  4. Claire, u r looking good! i love what u all had.. the fish especially :D

  5. imriz: hey, i also have to confess, my girl also doesnt know how to do much!!

    sasa: i guess you have to ask some IT expert.. i m quite illiterate about these.. so sorry to hear about this..

    kianfai: yes, full full!! pat stomach! hahahaa...

    merryn: thanks!! i m vain pot ma.. hahaha...

  6. wow.. smoked duck salad must be really good. duck rice i eat before, but not smoked duck salad.. must try it one day. i realise that you love desserts with chocolate.. it appears in most of your food posts :)

  7. Those luxurious food, cosy dining ambiance, nice people and warm gathering... Life is so beautiful.

  8. yingying: my friend recommended, actually first time for us too..

    pam: one day we must go there for bloggers'meet..

  9. Wah! You trained Andy well, Good job! Haha!!

  10. The food looks yummy!! I want that Oreo milk shake! : )

  11. I saw FoongPC commented "you trained Andy well" and couldn't stiffle a chuckle. I wonder how did you "Train" him? With words, actions, or the good old cane :)

    the food looks good, i'm sure all of you enjoyed it! :)

  12. wow..the food looks delicioussss...u makes me so damn hungry...>.<

  13. I'm eyeing at the starter..... *drool*drool*

    All the portion looks generous, ya? And yummy, too :)

  14. yes you trained andy well, too :P

  15. foong: macam training the lion? hahaha..

    isaac: i over exaggerated only.. i havent finished saying that i have to shout on top of my voice to get things done! hahaha..

    angelin: come, lets go!!

    yvonne: so far, this is one of the best dining place with reasonable price..

    ken: i didnt state his weakness yet.. hahaha..

  16. Claire, one thing I want to compliment you. You can really eat and stay in shape. No visible fat so far.

  17. it's nice when our kids could help even just a little bit :)

  18. Where? Where? I don't see any layers of fat leh? Like hourglass shape...and sexy mini-skirt some more. Pweeeeetttt!!!!

  19. Posted a comment using my mobile but I don't see it anywhere. Guess it was unsuccessful. Old hp, many limitations... Sigh!

  20. yan: edited pics!!

    wenn: yeah.. we mothers feel very "song"... hahaha...

    stp: got ma.. 2 comments here!! hahaha.. thanks for compliment, i owe you a halibut fish plate.. hahaha...

  21. Everything looks good. But i reckon u need some make up n a new hair style... that will make u ching chun ya yee..

  22. I want to go again....hahaha maybe I take WB for dinner there :)

  23. And poor kuli for the whole sem break....LOL! but you wonderful momsie. All your kids are well brought up. Kudos to a wonderful mom. May God bless you always with good children :)

  24. rachel: aiya.. ching chun cannot already.. look closer, wrinkles everywhere.. what hairstyle would u recommend for me? i like to hear from u.. :)

    elin: hey.. may God bless me with good kids? gosh..sounds like i m still productive?! Thanks anyway.. hehee...

  25. i didnt know that they serve food. I thought it's a drink and get mabuk place!

  26. Thanks for the recommendation. I will definately go when Im back to Ipoh, or recommend it to my dad.

    Portions are big and prices are reasonable.

    Hmmmmm, is Halibut fish doesnt smell like Dory fish? :P

  27. Andy === > ur son?!

    U look so young!!!! I mean Andy look more like ur bro than ur son.

  28. Wah, I can mop and clean too.....wanna hire me? lol?

  29. Lena: u must go in and see.. very nice..

    jessie: i dont like dory fish too..

    venie: hahaha.. he will be sad..

    pete: oh, i cannot afford u la.. hahaha...


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