Saturday, September 10, 2011

Baskin Robbins Walloped!

Dessert-maniac Me.... couldn't resist buying the promotion offer the other day before the 31st August... Bought a medium tub of Baskin Robbins with a 31% discount for the first time in history!

After 5 decades of life, it was first time that I bought a tub of BR this year.... hahahaa.... I think I do deserve one, right? But of course, I didn't eat it by myself... with the "Help" of the other two kids, we enjoyed scraping and scraping the ice cream to our mouths with full satisfaction... LOL...

Still keeping the empty tub...
hahahaa...(just kidding!!)

Got little bit left for Mama here.... phew...
But it is going to be empty in a matter of few seconds...
Must finish it till the last drop...
RM30 over for a medium tub like this...
SO expensive!


  1. makes me check our refregerator to see if we have ice cream... mmm.. drooling here! ;)

  2. I will always treasure the birthday my twin and I celebrated some years ago when my brother bought a tub of Baskin Robins ice-cream for us. It tasted so-o-o good! There are outlets in Jamaica. Take care and a good weekend to you!

  3. janeth: sigh..mine no more liow..

    ken: they are very sweet...

    judy: yes..they are very creamy too!

  4. Thanks for joining the Insecure Writer's Support Group! Look forward to your first post on October 5.

  5. Wonderful! Love ice cream! I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Now, you've done it. I'll buy a large carton of ice cream when I shop for groceries tomorrow.

  6. HEYYY!! How come Eric told me no BR at Ipoh the other day!! T_____T

  7. For me BR ice cream is sweet lor.... In my whole life I had once BR ice cream birthday cake from my hubby.

  8. The FLAVOR!! What flavor did you get?? They have so many, 31, right? We have a Baskin Robbins store here, it is combined with a Dunkin' donuts, half the store ice-cream, the other half, donuts and coffee. Your flavor looks like either chocolate chip or cookies and cream? My favorite is chocolate chip.

  9. there's an ice cream manufacturer here in 1st garden who gives free ice cream on every merdeka and labour day.

  10. it's nice to indulge in ice-cream once in a while.

  11. alex: alright!

    gigi: welcome to my club! hahaha..

    caroline: awww... but it is in Jaya Jusco.. not in Tesco.. so a bit far actually.. :)

    angeline: i never tasted their cake before..

    lena: i think i read it somewhere in the ipoh news website..

    wenn: yes.. nice.. and creamy.. :)

  12. 31% discount still RM30 kah? Pengsan!!! Can go out makan so many nice nice things wor....

  13. I prefer gelato to Baskin Robbins. My affinity for the sweetnest of BR ice cream is very low.

  14. Got discount still so expensive!!... Spank my head!!!.. Then I would go for the cheap ice-cream... walls, Mangnolia, hahaha

  15. stp: i think HD is more expensive!

    jfook: yes!!

    pam: aiyah..ipoh no gelato la.. too bad!

    irene: first time for me la!

  16. eh iif not mistaken every wednesday if go baskin robbins with a pink color item will get discount wor

  17. kathy: that one... on cones only, right?


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