Friday, September 9, 2011

Taiping Food Paradise

Taiping is another food paradise! Less than 100km away from Ipoh, it is another place worth trying out their selection of food....

For dinner, my friends and I went to this food court just opposite the Lake Gardens....

Parking is easy if you go there before 7pm....

it was quite crowded when we reached there in the evening..

but there were lots of tables...
so should be no problem finding one....

first thing that caught my eye was this sardine pastry
it was so nice that I "packeted" some back to Ipoh..

the 9th vegetable dumpling.. hahahaa....
(kau choy kok kueh)

these came first...

followed by curry puff "bread style"

not bad..something different....

one lady coming by to sell otak otak...
different from Ipoh too! Nice!!

sambal sotong...
not too bad but too spicy for me...

love their Hong Kong chee cheong fun...
very smooth... favourite..
special kuey kark... special edition
with shrimps, sotong, eggs and mantis...

we ordered a bit of satay... just to taste nice or not..
turned out not too bad either...

then I saw many people ordering a bowl of shark fin...
I also dont want to "chap shu"...
only RM3.50...
it tasted quite sourish..
maybe too much vinegar?

Ok, before you wonder how I could finish so much, let me tell you that the food portion above was for four persons... the only pictures I didn't take were 2 bowls of porridge with three dishes... AND THAT WAS ALL.....

So..... I want to conclude that Taiping is another Food Paradise.... I will go again cos I haven't tried all the stalls yet!! hahahaha....


  1. visit here la next time. gua punya blog.

  2. Those food look yummy.
    A bowl of shark fin for RM3.50 only?

  3. oooh, i am so in love with that sambal sotong!! looks so appetizing leh~~ *drooling*

  4. kathy: got bib or not?? hehehee...

    expow: u r taiping boy? ok, will go visit..

    yuinting: yes.. a few strands of fins... :)

    sk: i also drooling now... hahahaa..

  5. By "mantis" what do you mean? A bug?

    The vegetable dumpling and sardine pasty look delish. I wouldn't mind trying those. You ate well.

  6. the shark fin soup so cheap! i love vegetable dumplings :D

  7. gigi: mantis is sort of a shrimp.. or lobster family...

    merryn: me too! i wanna go again.. some day!

  8. Been living in Taiping for 3 decades but never knew that there is so much to explore in Tpg... Instead, I know more about the food trail in Ipoh. Am I a Taiping lang or Ipoh mali?

  9. The food is very beautiful in the first few pictures!! Is it real shark fins in that soup, gosh!!!

  10. nice, all the food! Ooooo....otak-otak! I like!!! RM3.50 sharks'' fins? Must be plastic imitation...

  11. ya, taiping is a nice place for food!

  12. I recommend you the ikan pari (stingray) bakar from the same stall, very nice. Also not to be missed siew kai yik (chicken wing) from the next stall.

    That kuey kark is my favourite too :)

  13. Welcome to Taiping! LOL..

    This place is a great yum cha place especially on Saturday nights...

  14. All the food looks nice and you are very adventurous about food. Keep on hunting for good food to share with us. JIa you!!!!.....

  15. Food are quite close to Penang style, wah RM3.50 for a bowl of sharp fins? Fins must be sharp indeed! After the NS Highway very rare to stopover Taiping anymore.

  16. Pam: u r half half.. in fact, u know more about ipoh than me! so what makes me? haaha..

    nava: me too!

    ginny: i couldnt know for sure..

    wenn: yes, your hometown, right?

    yvonne: yes, in fact we wanted to order but he said none cos of hari raya, the fishermen didnt go out to sea.. next time will try!!

    hayley: no wonder so crowded.. not bad!

    irene: i get to gain more and more!! yes!!

    stp: i couldnt tell for sure la.. shark fins or not.. so just makan only! everything must try...

    bananaz: actually easy to turn in only... have food will travel ma.. hahaha...

  17. wah....feasting. never ending hor..

  18. I'm asking around what to eat in Taiping... I will be going to Taiping for its International Marathon two weeks from now.

    Now i know where to eat in the evening... can you please provide me the address?

  19. rachel: that was more than a week ago... actually.. :)

    tz: if you know the Lake Gardens, you will not miss this.. it is just along the same row with Flamington Hotel... Happy Eating!!

  20. bread style? so unique one?! hehe so many yummy foods!! grrr hungreh!

  21. Thanks for your acknowledgement of Taiping food. I am proud, because Taiping is my hometown.

  22. Havent been to Taiping, should go there for food trip ya?

    You didn't meet up with Yvonne? She is from Taiping right?


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