Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Sour Smiling Face

What effects will this lunch meal do to my body system?
Don't tell me.... I think I know...
My cheeks will be rounder....
the cheese will be embedded at my arms...
the chicken oil and flesh will be stationed at my tummy....
and.... and....
ok stop!! gosh.. I cannot even smile..
my sour face with an unwilling thumbs up!

But after thinking back...
I took a healthy breakfast this morning...
a mug of oats and 3 pieces oats biscuits...
Surely I can afford to have some unhealthy food
during lunch time...can't I??
*smiling again*
Thank you for the free lunch, Lee...


  1. A quick glance at the 2nd pic and i thought, whoa Claire's middle finger! lolz

    Eat and be merry! ;)

  2. Gratitude said, eat...and be merry. The time will come when we cannot eat this and cannot eat that...

  3. gratitude: I realized it much earlier too!

    stp: yeah.. dont think so much already... eat what you love..

  4. +Ant+ I had the same thought as you with the 'extended' finger haha. Wallop first belakang kira lolz

  5. That's what we call - "guilty pleasure" :-)
    I like your smile, keep smiling!

  6. claire, you are very good at facial expressions!!

  7. bananaz: that is my special effects!

    yuinting: I will continue to smile for colgate! hahaha...

    lena: u know or not..actually my mouth full of food.. then my colleague said want to take gambar!

  8. Eh... the serious face looks very young compare to the smiling one.

    Aiyo... nvm la, just makan. Other things, belakang kira. LOL.

  9. Eat first.....guilt later. LOL!! Nvm Claire, pull more grass later....

  10. Nvm, eat while we can ;) Exercise later~

  11. How much I wish I could gulp down those sinful things without counting my calorie intake...

  12. hehehe... pandai cover arr.. hihihi... same here... always have the guilt.. yet still eating..

  13. kathy: mouth full of food ma!

    cleff: serious ah? ok, next time i wont smile so much!

    yeeling: gosh, do you have to remind me? :p

    hayley: enjoy first suffer later concept, right? :)

    pam: gosh..when i stand in front of you, you are no more visible.. some more want to lose weight? :)

    cath: live to eat... hahaa...

  14. The first photo looks cute leh...

  15. Free lunch wor, must give face sometimes....exercise later ya...where is ur "piece" trademark eh?

  16. Well, you look slimmer than I do, so obviously, you must be doing something right! Enjoy!

  17. Sneak in some unhealthy lunch once a while no big deal lah.. With your slim figure, no need worry.. Heehe

  18. You have lots of wiggle room, because you can eat and still stay thin and pretty! Not so bad for your health as long as you eat healthy foods, too!

  19. Love having lunch with your sweet face!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  20. It definitely is not a healthy meal, but one most of us enjoy. Thank you for taking time out to visit my blog. I appreciate it and please come again.

  21. The thing is you are not fat at all. You can afford to eat.

  22. pete: cos no advertise tooth paste ma..

    angelin: i try to stop doing that already.. haha..

    gigi: thanks! i want to be slim.. hahaa..

    bella: if go on like that.. i dare not think!

    together: they indeed were!

    ginny: and exercise too!

    cloudia: awww....

    LV: sure i will...

    yan: gosh..i m short.. so must look out too..

  23. hehe, cannot smile at all?? your cheeks are too heavy already?? kekekeke~~ :D

  24. Wah!! Yummy lunch, so long i never eat KFC already. Yum yum!!!

    Don't worry, you're not fat la, and tonight go back, bring labby go walk walk..calories burn already lo.

  25. carol: so old still cute ah? not bad! hahaha..

    sk: yes...mouth stuffed with food!

    annie: yeah.. i long time never took kfc too.. saw that video lagi scared.

  26. My fav! haha..i will be all smiling if i can have this as my lunch ! but of course not everyday la.....

  27. Claire, once in a while we deserve such food!

  28. mnhl: yeah.. once awhile..only..

    cheah: eat unhealthily then only enjoy! hahaha..

  29. omg middle finger! why u show it? Hahaha, kidding :P

    You're right, unhealthy, but since its free, and since you had something healthy in the morning, boleh tipu ownself say its ok lar.. Haha

  30. isaac, everyone thought so.. including myself! hahaha..

  31. as long as you keep up the healthy lifestyle with exercises, a little indulgence is fine :).

  32. sure, if you like you face to be rounder, you are the best choice in eating what you like,no one is stopping you, the more rounder the better.


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