Thursday, September 1, 2011

Matang Rice Porridge In Fu Man Lau

I celebrated the first day of the Raya holidays in Taiping. The four of us ventured out to this place called Matang... around 80km from Ipoh. In fact, it was our first time eating in this place famous for their rice porridge.

I called it Rice Porridge because it is no ordinary porridge where the rice are cooked till soft and soggy... This Matang rice porridge comes like soup with rice version... hahahaa...

Ok, better let the pictures tell the story....

In Taiping town....

from Taiping, we drove to Matang...
to this open aired Fu Man Lau Seafood restaurant...

we arrived around 12pm.. so not many people yet..
but when we left, most of the tables were taken up...

first dish "The Clams"
they put a lot of cilipadi (small chillies), dried chillies
and abundant garlic as well...
the soup/sauce was so sweet with wine too...

next the oysters (or chien)
different style from Penang... very nice!

Sambal kangkung..not so spicy...phew...

then the highlight Fu Man Lau is the rice porridge...

we ordered the assorted...
sliced fish, fish balls and prawns... is still like rice but with lots of soup...
maybe I can do this myself in the house, can't I?
The bill came to RM65 for 4 of us including drinks..
I was expecting the bill to be around RM80....

Ok, now the address:
Fu Man Lau Seafood Restaurant
Lot 362, Batu 5 1/2 Matang Jambu
34750 Matang, Taiping

If you don't know the way, let me know.. I can direct you there! hahahaa...


  1. Ooooo...the food looks sooooo nice...and the porridge also...but we don't usually eat those dishes with porridge,usually with rice.

    Here, in Kuching, there is also an area called Matang.

  2. Not a grandchild of Fu Man Chu? Love rice porridge with all semua taruh..haha.

  3. foods looks great except the oyster. a bit hangus :p

  4. for a minute i thought from your description the porridge sounds like how my mum would cook porridge.

    and indeed! it's exactly how my mum and sis cook their porridge. while my brother and i always prefer ours to be all crushed like nestum...

    and the o-chien is one piece geh! haha

  5. stp: that was why the other dishes came out first.. and lastly the rice porridge.. Matang is matured right?

    medie: i also like the crushed soggy porridge!

    kathy: walloped all the same.. hahaa..

    bananaz: yeah, i think we can cook that ourselves!

  6. The porridge resembles the seafood porridge at Cheang Kee Nibong Tebal, rice soaked in seafood infused soup.

  7. I just had Fish Soup Rice Porridge in Sekinchan 2 days ago. Simply the best

  8. So the food is considered cheap lar? :p

  9. The clams look very good.


  10. pam: i never tried that before.. last time i tasted the curry prawns with bread in Nibong Tebal...

    bf: Sekinchan reminds me of the local chinese series on TV...

    tekkaus: i think reasonable and quite cheap too..

  11. That kind of rice with yummy soup definitely easy to eat.

  12. filip: yes, they tasted great!

    wenn: i prefer real porridge.. hahaha..

  13. It does look very good, but I bet they won't tell the recipe!!! How did it taste?

  14. Wow..that is cheap and the porridge rice looks good...hahaha yea....can cook at home then ppl wont go there lo :) take me along the next trip okay? :p

  15. Aaawwww.... so far for me! The rice porridge looks soooooooo good!!!!

  16. I see so many unusual dishes on your blog. This rice porridge looks good and I would like to taste it someday.

  17. Interesting post and lovely pictures. I am a new Follower from the Thursday Blog Hop.
    Judy from Jamaica

  18. I thought for sure the rice porridge was going to be rice with milk, sugar and vanilla over it.

  19. That is oh chien? Really different from Penang wan leh. :D Looks like Fu yong egg. o.O

  20. I think the clams looked great. I might be considered picky so I am not sure about the other food.

    Thanks for linking up with us today for the bloghop! Love that you joined us.

    Happy Thursday!

  21. ginny: should be easy.. just put in what you like in the pot! hahaha...

    elin: u can go or not! :p

    angeline: an hour trip from Ipoh..

    gigi: i will take u if u come here! :p

    judy: thanks!!

    patty: gosh..what a combination!

    cleff: they did it dry style.. i like it this way.. not soggy!

    tammy: thanks for coming by!

  22. That's Matang famous for :) The seafood porridge is fresh and cheap. Now you are making me hungry.....

  23. That's fairly cheap. and the food looks delicious :)

  24. love the clams~! and oh the price is cheap! ;)

  25. The food looks good and interesting.... hope you are having a nice time.

  26. yvonne: u r from taiping, right?

    thristhan: yes..considered reasonable..

    caroline: u must go one day!

    togetherwesave: yes, we had.. thanks!

  27. Claire, Kuching also has an area called Matang and there is a family park there called Matang Family Park whereby weekends or public holidays, it is always loaded with people.

  28. nice oh jian? huhu! I am hunting oh jian everywhere in my area, all not nice 1 :(

    and here goes a tips, thanks!

  29. nice, must make a note to go there and try it next time I'm travelling

  30. irene: that was what I heard from stp... matang means matured.. any connection?

    kianfai: when going to Matang?

    life-muses: yes, go when u have a chance..

  31. Hmm, yummy. We always went there for their porridge....Even some auditors came here and asked us to bring them go there for a try!Talk about Matang...definitely is porridge!

  32. me cannot travel la . . . full time working :(

    but can online at the same time la hehe

  33. practically I am grounded inside Selangor state . . . and my vehicle cannot bring me to long distance! aww

  34. Oh, that porridge look unique lei. I tried once in HK and Singapore lately, something name "pow fang" is something like this. They fried the rice till crispy then they put the rice into the soup, and it make "pi pi pop pop" sound, later eat the rice and the soup, nice.


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