Friday, September 2, 2011

Who Said Got No Free Lunch One?

After a three days holiday stretch, waking up this early morning was a very difficult task! Very reluctant to get out of bed...but upon reaching office, suddenly I remember that someone is going to give a FREE LUNCH at 12.30pm at East Ocean!

Yes, for the second time in a week, we had lunch in the same restaurant... only difference was that today's lunch is FOC!!! LOL...

Thanks to our Lynn, our sponsore.... she was awarded for being Efficient by our boss and had a generous incentive prior to that.... so what greater joy than to treat us buddies to a delicious lunch! LOL..

Elin sponsored us her speciality - Stone Cake
Thanks Elin for the dessert!

must take picture BEFORE food...
cos AFTER food, no more red pouting lips!

and then the dishes...

sliced fish with ginger and spring onions

assorted seafood in claypot
sea cucumbers, abalone, clams etc. etc....

mini french beans...

choy yuen (young greens)

barbecued pork ribs in sweet sauce...

signature dish special beancurd with minced chicken..

fried noodles (sang mee)
love this too!

for desserts, we had Dragon Fruit pudding
with sweetened egg white...

Elin asked to "smile"

ok, time to eat...
no more teeth advertising please!

Thank you Lynn for the wonderful lunch...
Next year.... whose turn??


  1. advertising for? tooth paste? LOL yah I can see it now hehe :P

  2. Dragon Fruit pudding . . . that was special!

    and other food too lol . . . reminds me about is time to makan with parent soon! :P

  3. APC? You got how many times already? Next year, you get again lah... Then can come to Sibu and belanja me. Good luck!

  4. Soooo....did anyone scold u for taking too many photos before eating? LMAO

  5. would love to try the sang mee and dragon fruit pudding..looks very good

  6. stone cake?? what cake is that actually? @@

  7. East Ocean Restaurant at Ipoh Garden South or Menglembu? The dishes had lots of 'wok hei'. I like those heaty stuff...

  8. was that stone cake hard like a rock? lol

  9. Wah, the pork ribs look very have to go for supper liao!

  10. kianfai: seeing all the elderly ladies remind u of your mum? hmmpt!! :)

    stp: hey, not me man! my fren got la.. if i get next year, i belanja u!

    eric: Elin my fren took the pictures and she sent them to me for nice of her... yes, the dragon fruit pudding very nice!

    kathy: ok next time stay overnight!

    connie: inside the cake has fruits like plums!

    pam: menglembu! we prefer it there...

    gigi: hahaha..wanna try?

  11. teeth advertising hahahaha... oh the food sooo yummy!!

    Psst... went to Ipoh to eat the famous nasi ayam there.. hihihi... and heading to Cameron... :D

    Ipoh so beautiful place lah..

  12. lol! Eeeeeeee! good food, and best of all its free? :)

  13. cath: when when??

    isaac: yes..what is free is best? hehehe..

  14. The fried noodles look the best to me, so yummy!! The Dragonfruit pudding, it it so pretty!!! Looks like it is floating in egg drop soup! But the best pictures are you, you are SO cute!!!

  15. Wah, so lucky, free lunch ya! ^^

  16. wenn: yes.. i agree..

    ginny: u brighten up my day!! hahaha..

    angeline: yes, it was..

    hayley: once a year affair.. hahaa.

  17. wowowow sounds wrong hahah, seeing all the foods remind me of my family dinner . . . I wonder I got mention that I seeing all the elder pretty ladies reminds me about my mum or not LOL :P jk jk

  18. aijor..avday also got good food. so si mou la

  19. wow, nice nice nice!! all the dishes look so good and no wonder you're smiling so happily in the photo!! haha.. and the cake is just superb!!

  20. This lunch looks delicious. I think I would enjoy it even if I had to pay.
    Thanks for visiting my site.

  21. Maybe it was not free after all. Maybe a favour will be asked. :p joking.


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