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Night Market In Ipoh Garden East

Jacky Chan's Rush Hour is in Hollywood, Reanaclaire's Rush Hour is in Ipoh Garden East....

Every Tuesday I have to rush to that place after work.... like a mad woman driving... LOL... well, at least for another one month... after that, maybe I can breathe more easily....

Normally we take our dinner outside during Tuesdays... sometimes healthy but at times, unhealthy food such as tonight.... both of us decided to visit the night market (pasar malam) in Ipoh Garden East ....

we walked along... looking for food..
heard that this place offers a lot of varieties...

passed by some laksa stalls..
eventually ended up taking a bowl...
not so nice... too sourish!

my girl bought some japanese sotong balls..,
that was her dinner... aiksss... so unhealthy.. like mine!

along the way we saw so much fried stuff....

and chose a box of mini burgers...

this was most attractive... CRABS!!
I didn't ask how much they cost...
If my sons were here, I would have bought one packet home!

Ok, some guessing for everyone...
What do you think my girl was eating?
One small prize for the first correct answer...

(keychain again?) hahahaaa....
The answer will be disclosed tomorrow night ...


  1. Hi Claire, We are back after a few weeks off from blogging. Glad to be back!!!!!

    I always love your posts.. That food looks SO good to me. Of course, we all do need to eat healthy--but every once in awhile, we also have to be 'bad' and eat some things we shouldn't... Oh Well!!!!!!!

    Don't know what she is eating --but I'll bet she loved it!!!

  2. OMG!!!!! when bring me and caroline eat those crabs!!! XD hahaha

  3. tot i'll skip commenting on this post, but i saw THOSE BIG FAT CRAB! Wah...u don't eat crab?

  4. betsy: noticed u went for a nice holiday! yes, she was enjoying her food definitely!

    eric: time come ipoh on tuesday!!

    chinnee: i love them!! but how to eat... i need more people then only shiok!

  5. OMG! Look at those crabs!! Errr...dunno what your daughter is eating...

  6. wah.... pasar malam selling huge giant crabs wei.. they must be pricy..

    let me guess, was your daughter eating an ice pop?

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  8. time we go together...I want to eat the busuk tofu LOL! Wow..the crabs looks good RM25 per box if I am not wrong :)

  9. Wow Claire, so are you gonna chant Hare Hare?! Lolz

    The pasar malam has such a variety. I wonder how well is the sale of the crabs. I never fail to buy the salt baked chicken whenever I make a visit.

    Is your gurl eating a fried popiah?

  10. Looks like shes eating some kind of egg roll...

    Happy Tuesday!

    Visiting from voiceBoks
    Thanks, Becky Jane

  11. night market!!! FOOD!!! cheap one!! lol. that's what come to my mind!

  12. foong: next time i wanna try!

    yingying: does it look like ice pop? i will tell the answer tomorrow night..

    elin: 25 so cheap? not bad then.. yeah, next time go together...

    gratitude: so many stalls selling fried stuff.. gosh, wish i were younger! hahaaa... fried popiah? hmmmm....

    beckyjane: thanks for coming by. Tomorrow I tell answer...

  13. Something special from tat pasar malam is the CRAB....must be taste very good rite....

    Ur gal is eating fried spring roll ar? Popish goring ke tu?


  14. I haven't been to a pasar malam in ipoh for a long time. Sure look interesting and a bit different from the ones in KL. Never seen stalls selling crabs like that :) Was your girl eating fried popiah?

  15. never seen crabs at pasar malam. eating apom kah?

  16. angelin: i also first time see crabs in pasar malam la! popiah? why most of the answers are popiah one..

    barb: u also guess popiah.. hehee...

    lena: i also never seen such crabs before.. tell u answer tomorrow night!

  17. She is eating POPIAH!

    I love popiah, hahaha...

    and the crabssssss ooooomigossshhh! I want!!!

  18. so far, i've only been to the first garden one :P

  19. What a whole lot of food!!! And so much fried stuff!!! So hard to tell what she is eating, maybe some kind of egg roll? The Raya feast below is very pretty and fancy!

  20. yeah, I agree with the others here: she is eating an egg roll or spring roll. lol.

  21. I love these type of night markets. Each time when I am in Thailand, I am going to nigh markets.


  22. Lots of yummy foods!!! This post is making me hungry!!!

  23. Looks like popiah to me...but somebody already said that. Ipoh night market only on Tuesdays...or different place each night like in KL? Sibu wan...same place 7 days a week. Ooo...the crabs look good and RM25? So cheap....

  24. P.S. Looks a bit too long to be popiah...and segmented. Sugarcane?

  25. daniel: u like popiah so u guessed that..hahaha..

    ken: first garden is the biggest!

    ginny: i will tell the answer tonight..

    gigi: very nice guesses..

    filip: yes, me too.. more varieties and cheaper!

    loi: hahaha.. esp when hunger strikes!

    stp: over here, different nights different places.. yeah, not sure how much the crabs cost.. elin knows better! sugar cane? gosh!! hahaha..

  26. hehehe, i also like to go pasar malam once in a while for the "street buffet".. hmmm, right, i think the food are not very healthy but come one, once a while just pamper yourself lor~~ :D

  27. guess that Sugar Cane? hehehe.. don't know I just thought so... :p

    but the pasar malam very happening lei.. better than those in KL..

  28. sk: i also seldom go there.. unless i have something to buy which is quite rare...

    cynthia: yea, maybe ipoh people spending power lower.. so go for the streets mall. :)

  29. she's having apom!i guess with the size that should be from the mute couple rite?they have been there for so many yrs and no doubt..their apom taste the best! =D
    correct anot?hehe..

  30. The crabs makes me drool. My guess is mini fried popiah

  31. It has been a while since i go to Pasar Malam~ It is time to go jalan jalan again^^

  32. Wah so much food!! I am guessing she's eating spring roll? :P

  33. I've always enjoyed pasar malam despite its heavy crowds (and BO when squeezing along the way :S).

    The food there are either fried or ... fried mostly, are too hard to resist :p

  34. When I look at Fernie's picture,I can testify that she will really grow up to be a fine young lady...May God bless this beautiful young lady with great wisdom and keep her away from bad element and shield her from harm and danger,,,,,,,amen

  35. daydreamer: what is your blog url? Ipoh nang? :p

    irene: popiah is the majority answer.. hahaha..

    xjion: me too.. last night was the first time ever since.. dont know when.. hahaa..

    sweetwitch: spring roll also popiah... hehehe..

    yvonne: what is BO? :)

    eugene: thank you, my fren! May your kids be the same as what you said too..

  36. I love night market, I have been to this night market with my sis, who stayed in Ipoh. Very big, crowded and happending place.

  37. Ipoh pasar malam so happening! Got ready cooked crab to eat somemore! If I'm there I will sure buy! haha...

    I guess your girl is eating fried poh pia ?

  38. I love the food at pasar malam, so many to choose and all look so yummy to me!! But after that incident ( my bag kena cut and wallet kena stolen) make me a bit phobia to go to pasar malam.

    I think your girl is eating some ice lolli? Those old time ice cream lolli pop?

  39. Did people look at you when you snap photos at the night market? I tried to do that last time here, but people look at me like one kind.. haha :D

  40. sheohyan: only at selected residential places...

    mnhl: the answer is out.. it is apom.. hahaha..

    annie: yeah, i will also have phobia if bag snatched..

    hayley: that is why i didnt take much pictures.. i use hp, not clear some more..

  41. yupz..ipoh mali..talak sombong..wakakak!anyway,i don't have a blog..but i love reading urs! =)

  42. hahaha... u r the ipoh mali talak sombong pal... thanks for coming by to read... :)


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