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And The Answer Is ....

Thanks for the comments! hahaha.. nice try all of you... and do you know that most of the comments I received, the majority guessed that my girl was eating a fried popiah (fried spring roll) ... but sorry to say, the answer is not popiah or sugar cane ....
The answer is ....
Apom as we locals call it
or Egg Roll in english...

courtesy picture taken from here

Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the ones we were eating... but they are Apom all the same.

There is this mute couple (husband and wife) who makes these in the night market and selling them at three for a ringgit. (USD 30 cents for 3) The usual Apoms are normally folded like the picture above but this couple do theirs by rolling them up... thus they look like spring rolls or fried popiah as many had commented. :)

I decided to give two prizes... they are similiar to each other in a way...

The winners are Becky Jane who answered Egg Roll (she is from US so I guess she does not know we call them Apom over here.. :p

.... And the second prize goes to our local food blogger Lena.... (food blogger has an advantage here!) hahaha....

Thanks to everyone who came and comment... it is fun actually.... will continue to do more guessing posts and also to do more guessing in other blogs like the one I won in STP's post! hahaaaaa... that was a nice surprise!


  1. I din guessed cuz I know I sure wun get it right wan. I sux at guessing. As long as guess oni, sure wrong!

  2. Wonder how many prizes I need to prepare if I let the others guess the food which I fancy? I am very very sure that you will be one of the winners, right?

  3. Apom is one of my favourites. I can wallop at least 10 of these. haha... And still feeling hungry.
    Have a lovely evening, Claire dear.

  4. hehehe, i actually had two answers in mind.. either spring roll or apom.. i kind of miss that now actually..

  5. oh, so it's apom! so am i getting apom as a prize from you?? hoho..anyway, that was fun, yeah, have more guessing posts!

  6. cleff: guess the sex of your baby!! hahaha...

    pam: one prize will do.. treat me to starbucks! but not the subang one.. hahaa..

    kristy: u too.. have a nice evening.

    sk: aiyah!!

    lena: yes, will give u something.. call u one day!

  7. wow that would have been funnier if I knew there's something guessing game here..hahahah!

    anyways, good job and congrats to the winner:) Have a great wednesday claire!

  8. ah, y didn't i think of apom??? now i feel like eating apom already *drooling*

  9. janeth: yeah, fun.. will have it more often..

    yingying: me too!!

  10. Oh, apom hai mai? Is ok....congrats to the winners....

  11. Oh...... I miss apom! I remember there's one stall at cockman street , opposite great eastern, when I was a kid.

  12. angelin: hai lo.. ah pom rolled up..

    chrisau: yeah.. now i remember.. very nice hor? those days the food all nicer than now!

  13. I've learned some new things on your blog! For instance, egg rolls are called apom! Thanks for the fun, I'll be emailing you soon! Happy Wednesday!

  14. very cheap pasar mlm selling 50 to 70 sens each :(

  15. becky: we learn from each other...

    kathy: expensive?

  16. Oh! So it was apom! Yum!! I love apoms! : D

  17. I guessed it! I looked back at my comment and I said egg roll! I am excited because I never get these guessing games right. I think this is the first one I have ever guessed, and I have never heard of these. And thanks for telling me how much these are in American money, they don't cost much at all! I have never seen something like this, it is made from eggs that are fried and rolled up? Looks like it would be good fast protein when in a hurry or having to eat and drive. This was fun, I love the guessing even though I'm not so good at it, hope you DO have more!!!!

  18. Oh noooooo!!!! I didn't win... Sobssssss!!!!! Hehehehehe....congrats to the winners. I love this crispy apom balik - used to have a stall near my house in the afternoon and night, he'll be at the pasar malam. Very nice!

  19. 1st time see apom fold in this way..hehe..btw, congrats to u for winning at STP post..:)

  20. More contests to come? this one i passed already,,,,,,,,,

  21. My two darling daughters also love apom, but the apom that Fernie took is cute.

  22. Im so gonna go around and hunt for foods till i'll be able to recognize all just by the shape of their shadow, hahahaha

  23. foong: nice hor.. simple and nice..

    ginny: yes, u guessed correct

    stp: yeah, this a lot also not full one..

    angelin: this couple do them special..

    eugene: hahahaa..yeah, sure got.. see how and when..

    wenn: me too!

    yan: yeah, rolled up hor..

    daniel: next round might not be on food ma.. hahaha..

  24. i dun think i've ever eaten this before.. o.O

  25. aiya..i missed the guessing game..anyhow I don't think I will get is looked like spring roll to me.

  26. Congratulations to the winners. I like the malay style apom balik (small type).

  27. merryn: oh.. dont have in malacca or KL?

    agnes: yes..majority guess spring rolls...

    mnhl: the penang ones are nice too..

  28. Congratulations to the winners ( wow even all the way from the US) ReanaClaire has gone global! ;)

    I didn't guess apom coz the ones sold here are just folded once. I prefer the older (thicker) version with lots of groundnuts. YUMZ!

    My dear Claire, now you've gotten me craving for apom :s lolz

  29. haha the apom in the picture eaten by ur daughter looks out of shape one? haha

  30. gratitude, that one is different type.. apom balik.. folded one time.. hahaha..

    medie: no la.. that one is rolled...

  31. this is my favourite whenever i go visit penang. it's so hard to find one in KL!


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