Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reanaclaire's Bento Sandwiches

I want to blame it on some food blogs! Or should I blame myself? Due to some blog hopping this afternoon, they sort of made me crave for bread!

Funny though.. or should I call it a coincidence .. reading one food blog showing sumptuous sandwiches... then awhile later, another food blog showing buns and sandwiches too! Not only that, their stuffing and fillings are "out of the world."

Gosh... I was craving as if I were a pregnant woman, inside crying.. "I WANT... I WANT BREAD...."
So ... to satisfy my urgings and cravings...

I got these for dinner!
Nope...I didn't make them.. sad huh?
I used money to buy them back.... sigh...

"Wait awhile ah, let me take some pictures first..ok?"

My dinner... at least today is healthier, right?
Is this called Bento? :)
Later someone will scold me for this...
Spoiling the name of Bento... hahahaa....


  1. Bento is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal which usually consists of rice, fish or meat, and served in a box-shaped container.
    Your sandwich is the western version of bento... haha

  2. I want the cherry tomatoes! Always my favourite!

  3. pam: like that ah... so mine is the "ultar" one.. hahaha...

    hayley: i prefer them cooked.. :)

    kathy: so i forced myself to take those..

  4. aiyoh, how come you buy those sandwiches?? you should do it yourself, they will taste a lot better and suit your appetite also..

  5. I guess you should placed ur sandwich inside a Tupperware, place another part with ur cherry tomatoes, than shud be called sandwich bento...

    I can tell u that red cherry tomatoes looks yummy...much be crunchy rite....


  6. Cherry tomatoes, i love to eat them on it's own... cold cold liddat very nice to snack on.

  7. wah.. very healthy indeed. you can make your own sandwich next time, then your sandwich can be more "personalised", you can kar liu, add in whatever you luv :)

  8. sk: by the time i reach home also late.. and furthermore i malas! ok, i m lazy actually...

    angelin: so mine is outside..not considered bento.. :)

    cleff: actually i prefer them cooked.. :)

    yingying: market also no time to go.. hahaha...

  9. Nod nod... cant agree more, the down side of patronizing the food blogs are getting our tummy rumbling and hand itchy(motivated to make something out of nothing)!^^

  10. What kind of shop did you buy these at, like a Deli? I love bread and sandwiches, and eat probably at least six a week!!! This looks good with different kinds of fillings.

  11. elin knocks your head then you know...

  12. alice: wonder what they have in store today for us.. hahaa.. see but cannot touch..

    ginny: yes, i bought them at a deli cakes and breads...

    lena: i better wear a helmet later!

    patty: it was good..

  13. i could do without the cherry tomatoes :)

  14. Hahaha ROFL...hahah my stomach shaking now :) I got to go toilet :p

    you should at least tipu us and place them in container or box lah , then you can cry bento bento bento.

    Bring your head near, I want to knock on it :p Wei today we gonna have lunch at East Ocean again !!!! hahaha I am hungry now

  15. ken: i forced myself to eat those actually...

    elin: sorry ah.. cannot join u for lunch.. sobbbbsss..

  16. I seldom and close to never cook or make any food at home nowadays... haiz... and me trying to be healthy =.=

  17. Love your bento sandwich and what more to say the cherry tomato. I used to buy and eat like dat. Nice.

  18. Hey!!! I commented...hilang!!! Kena censored kah? Sobssssss!!!! I'm not a fan of cherry tomatoes - prefer the normal obes. Used to have a tree in my garden...and nobody wanted to used to make enzymes....

  19. For dinner, enough ? I will hunt for supper if I'm only eating this for dinner. hahaha

  20. The set inclusive of the cherry tomato too? That's a lot.

  21. daniel: i m like u too!

    irene: actually i dont like to eat them.. but for health sake..

    stp: i dont see yr comment. i think blogger playing tricks!

    mnhl: me stop growing already ma.. hahaha..

    ling: u said a lot.. mnhl said too little!

  22. This is healhty and yummy. I love all healhty food.

  23. Well if you cut them up into cute shapes, put them into a box with different compartments, then add some more colors in there, some greens (vegs) yellow (mangoes) perhaps, (remember everything must be in cute little shapes) and stick some cute sticks in your box then it could pass off as bento. Hahaha.

  24. Forget the sandwich, just gimme the cherry tomatoes! ;0

  25. Stopping by from the blog hop and now a new follower of your blog thru GFC. I would love a follow back when you get the chance. Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!


  26. eh...i thought your co-pilot makes bento for u????

  27. I thought you really make this!! Till i read at the end part. *faint*


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