Friday, September 30, 2011

No Jolly Jolly But Folie Folie

Supposed to have a free lunch celebration today with my gang of office friends... someone was awarded some "incentive" and she wanted to give  a treat at East Ocean Restaurant during lunch time. Unfortunately I could not make it because have to "chauffeur" my "little boss" from school.

My little boss was very surprised to see me.  She was expecting my sister to fetch her actually.  By looking at her surprised face that broke into a smile, it is priceless....LOL... let me say this... no matter how young or big they are, our kids are our babies.. only that they are "fully grown babies" now... LOL.... 
Back to the topic... so... it was not a jolly-jolly time with my colleagues but a Follie Follie time with my girl ...
Our first time in Folie Folie Cafe and Grill...
Welcome to Follie Follie
it is a bungalow lot where parking is not a problem.
diagonally opposite the Regency Tower
 and directly opposite the UOB Bank....

the entrance to Follie Follie
it was quite dim inside.. we like it...
we ordered their set lunch that came with soup and ice lemon tea
I had the baked chicken chop (RM16.90/$5.50usd)
richly topped with cheese
very fattening, right?
my girl chose the carbonara (RM14.90/$5.00usd)
also richly creamed with cheese.... ouch!
dessert was a bit plain.. just a chilled pudding..
well, what to expect from a such a price, right?
Took some pictures before departing...
Will be back again one day... with the double "A"ss
I am sure they will want to visit as well....
Never leave them out from something's good!  LOL...

Jalan Raja Muza Aziz
(Anderson Road)


  1. Can ask her to eat at school canteen and wait there mah... Not all the time, once in a while - should be ok. Children must also understand - parents also have things on sometime. But never mind, at least you had a good lunch...except that it was not free.

  2. wah lau eh...can kick table leg with your little boss

  3. Gosh, the chicken chop is a little pricey right? And usually, lunch prices are supposed to be even cheaper. Hope the taste made it worth the price ;)

  4. very nice place woh, i just love bungalow turned restaurant, haha!! and a lot of parking space too.. love that cheesy baked chicken chop woh, although fattening.. :D

  5. wah....your baju so matching with this place ler...

  6. For me, I rather spend my lunch with my sweet gal too... Family come first rite....must go there one day...since u r grading folie folie with A'sss.

  7. they have a band playing at night but dont be surprised the mosquitoes will come and join us for dinner too cos they open up all their doors.

  8. I can understand that very well. Seeing her smile every morning, we both kissing each other and travelling around with her are the greatest blessings in my life. I am so proud to have the whole of my heart bound to hers. My love for her is endless, so much that it sometimes overflows a little. So grateful to have her as my beloved... She is my mother, the gem of my life...

  9. stp: no la.. she will be all alone in the canteen.. i wont be able to eat in peace.. hahaha..

    kathy: everyday also kick table leg la..

    gratitude: cos it came with a set.. ok lah..nowadays where got cheap things!

    sk: oh dear, dont remind me please! hahaha..

    chinnee: meant to be here then.. hehe..

    lena: oh, night band ah? mossies? yucks! then better wear long pants and socks!

    angeline: the As are my sons la.. hahaha..

    pam: wow... wonder my girl will write that about me next time! i be in tears... so touching!

  10. Claire, good luck to you and your daughter in finding a beautiful prom dress. Take pictures and post them here!

  11. u missed the treat but at least u had another nice one.

  12. You look so pretty in that outfit, and look at the first picture, you match their sign, even the little bit of red! Oh this food looks the best yet, I love melted cheese on food!!! You are right, even if we are fifty, we are still big babies to our moms!! And that is the way it should be, who else could set us straight truthfully when we get carried away with ourselves? Girls here can be embarrassed to have their moms pick them up, it is wonderful your girl has a big smile for you, I would have loved to have a daughter.

  13. I bet you and daughter had a lot of fun. Food looked good, especially your chicken.

  14. That's is why mum is the best,rite? I am sure you will agree. Guess you and your princess enjoy the food.

  15. KFC can get cheaper set lor. :) altho fatter if not equally as fat. hahahaha. but the restuarant looks really beautiful...

  16. u very sayang ur daughter n night also see each other already..yet u sacrifice nice lunch to be with her....U R A WONDERFUL mom :)

  17. Very nice cafe!

    Yes, agree with Chin Nee, your dress match very well with the cafe! You look good in that dress.


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