Saturday, October 1, 2011

Prom Night For Mama?

"Remember, this Saturday, I booked you already... don't make plans with your friends."

Yes, someone said that to me few days ago...made appointment with Reanaclaire to go out in the morning, from breakfast till our legs ached....

That someone is none other than my girl... :)  her prom night (or should I say prom day) is coming soon and she wanted to get  a dress to wear for that occasion.  It is not getting an ordinary dress but a special outfit to outshine one another....that is what I think... hahahaa....

We walked along the few rows of "lui yan kai" (ladies' streets) in Ipoh Garden South, from one shop, we hopped to another.. I lost count how many shops already... and what was the result?

She managed to get one dress but no... she is not wearing that to the prom day... she finally decided to wear her two-year old dinner dress which is still hanging in the cupboard!  :)  Well, that's my girl...

Before you can say I saved money for not having to pay for her dinner dress, well, I didn't... Going in and out of shops had "enticed" me to get TWO dresses for myself!

Any prom night I can go to????


  1. Hahhaha wow you sure are lucky to have a thoughtful daughter like that!

  2. Nope at the Prom Nite for mommies blogger? :)

  3. you should show us your dress..

  4. Prom night maybe not eligible la about Karaoke night? kekeke

  5. It's not a bad idea to pamper yourself a little. You deserve that, super mom...

  6. Isn't shopping for pretty clothes a lot of fun? Please post pics of your 2 dresses and the one your girl will be wearing to the prom.

  7. punkchopsticks: cos she couldnt get what she wanted..

    kenny: that would be nice!

    kathy: can also!

    pam: pamper till pengsan.. hahaa..

    gigi: wait till the prom night comes..then will show! :)

    lena: wait la.. hahaha..

  8. When is prom? I can't wait to see her in the dress! Does she already have a date, I would imagine the boys line up to take her out.

  9. Claire, show us the dresses u bought k.

  10. Haha I wish one day I get to experience going shopping with my daughter for prom night dress ^^ sure is fun...

    Yeah... show us your prom dress instead :D

  11. Enjoy your new finery - both of you :-)

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    / )

    > < } } ( ° >

  12. I wish her all the best on the Prom.


  13. hahaha ended Mama yang shopping. :D
    wear to the evening dinner lor. :D

  14. ginny: oh dear, that would be a headache for me.. hahaha..

    daniel: mine? wait day...

    cloudia: thanks!

    filip: thanks!

    medie: no wedding summons as yet!

  15. You can organize a prom party.. hehe..

  16. show la..the 2 dresses u bought. model a bit


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