Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Teluk Intan And Her Erosion

Six of us joined a one-day food and educational trip to Gopeng and Teluk Intan. This trip was organized by an ex-teacher and there were actually 42 of us altogether!

To continue from my previous posts, after leaving the Heritage House in Gopeng, we adjourned to an hour trip to Teluk Intan. By this time most of us had dozed off because we woke up at 5.30am on that morning!

After lunch (that post will come later), we were taken to the Sungai Perak riverfront where the erosion had taken place 30 years ago. The tour guide teacher told us that one morning, the residents woke up to find that their kitchen and their living hall had "vanished."

30 years ago, they have houses here...

but now they grow bamboo trees...

these houses were 2nd in row....

tour guide took us further down the road..

these houses are still occupied...

the roads are uneven due to erosion...

windowless house?

actually this trip is very educational...
to me.. to the kids....

passed by an authentic biscuit shop...
so.... as usual.. must go in, right?

someone told me these are teochew biscuits..
just out from the oven...

and still hot...
the boss told us to help ourselves with them!
many of us ended up buying packets home...

coincidentally this girl is my daughter's classmate!
too bad my girl didn't want to come...
she should have.... so educational...
an eye opener for the young....


  1. Ooh! I want those teochew biscuits! : )

  2. I would love to visit this place in the near future, before it is lost.
    And I would certainly get myself loads of the wonderful biscuits too :)
    Thanks for sharing Claire! ^^

  3. foong: very fresh...

    gratitude: welcome!

  4. Really interesting trip......wooo, nice hot bisquits! yum

  5. maybe i should also go for this kind of trip...never knew abt that erosion!

  6. You're right... Many of us do not know our own heritage. It's time to show the younger generations the wonders of history and heritage, before these treasure eventually fade off...

  7. pete: food and knowledge!

    lena: yah.. my neighbour organizes these type of makan trips!

    pam: at least seeing makes it easier for them to understand..

  8. i've just been to Teluk Intan once and we just headed to the Clock Tower, grabbed two packets of those "heong peng" only~~ :p

  9. Great tour, Claire! Here in Hawaii, we call them COOKIES, not biscuits. Whatever, they look delicious!

  10. Go again la...I love the banana chips...finished adi lo :) Wild Boar snacking till habis liow :p

  11. such a pity your girl didnt go along. Sounds so informative. Oh if i was there, i sure sapu all those hot teochew biscuits! :p Of course will buy too. :P

  12. Overnight part of their homes disappeared? Gosh, I thought erosion took place slowly! The biscuits look so good. Gosh, a house with no windows would be awful!!!

  13. I would also buy these biscuits.


  14. Hi Reana, wow, that bad the erosion, huh?
    I used to go to TA on business back in the '70s...
    Wonder if that leaning clock tower still there.
    And TA noted for their heong piang biscuits. My wife loves it.

    Great pics Reana, well taken and very interesting posting.
    Love those old buildings too.
    Have a nice day.

  15. how enjoyable to travel with you, lovely and companionable Rena!

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  16. can i have some teochew biscuit? :p

  17. The houses look quite old already but still being occupied like you say. The teochew biscuits look nice. The filling is black tau sar isit?

  18. oh...I always love fresh from over biscuits. really yummy yummy especially those still warm.

    nice trip!

  19. I want the biscuits Claire! So tempting! Guess it's something we'll buy when we go outstation, hehe ;)

  20. Did you buy packs of biscuits back?

  21. sk: me too!

    gigi: yes, i know..different words but same meaning..

    elin: give u more!

    ling: bought a few.. :)

    hayley, it is a must! hahaa.

    cloudia: thanks.. what a nice compliment!

    irene: yes, it is tau sar.. nice hor?

    littleboykid: yes, they were warm when we went in..

    caroline: lets go teluk intan!

    shuying: oh ic.. :) nice town..

    u.lee: yes, tonight post on leaning tower..

    filip: cookies.. hahaa..

    ginny: dont know why they closed it up..

    isaac: yes, informative..

  22. Teluk Intan? Best heong peah and everything...and the town so run-down? Aiyor....our small rural towns here so much better than that! So kesian to see... I thought all over there so maju, kaya-raya one...

  23. aiyoh, STP.. this is only a small portion of the town which has been eroded many years ago.. i think in most towns, there are certain parts which are still very "heritage".. and that makes it popular for tourists..

  24. I always love biscuit, does the teochew biscuit nice?

  25. Hard to see those old old shop houses around. We still have those in Kuching, but mostly either burned down (due to faulty wires) or demolished for new development.

  26. sheohyan: when i ate them, it was very fresh.. my opinion is.. fresher than those penang ones..

    rose: small towns still have these type of houses...


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