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An Egostic Mom!

After a dose of the cough mixture last night, I couldn't get up at 6am this morning despite the alarm beeping loudly... I switched it off and drowsily, I hit the pillow and was in dreamland again. When I finally opened my eyes, it was 8am!! Gosh, my office starts at 8am and I was still in bed!

Ok, never mind lar... drowsy ma, what to do.. at least I went to work, right? Sick as I was, I still drove to office because of my conscience and my responsibility... ahem... ahemmmmm... cough... cough... ahemmmmmm... hate this phlegm!!

Tell me one thing.. sick as I was, why do I still have such a good appetite? I was yearning desperately for rice, rice...RICE!! Thinking of that motivated me to work fast-fast.... and upon reaching home, within an hour or so, these three dishes were laid on the table... (capable or not? ahemmmmmmmmm ...throat itchy la)
When my girl saw the dishes, she exclaimed, "Wa...!!! Looks good!"
But half way through the meal, she said...
"Mi, why the dishes moe mei geh?"
(Why all the dishes so tasteless?)
ooopss!!... I realized I forgot to put salt...
no wonder, I thought it was due to my taste buds gone tasteless..
And my reply......
"Don't eat so saltish, no good for body!"


  1. Lupa put salt? Wakakaka... nvm... sometimes I oso lupa. After cook, when discovered that I forgot to put salt, i just add after that while eating. (lagi unhealthy!)

  2. hahah wei not salty nevermind...still can put kicap..if u taruk 2x salt then cham lo...langsung kenot eat leh

  3. she forgotten, forgive her, add some yourself...
    hope you get well soon. take care.

  4. Don't worry, the baked bean itself is already very flavourful. As for the fish and broccoli, can add 'bak yau' mah...

  5. Hahaha!! have a very good reply to her. A pat for you on the back, Claire and hope you are in better health now.

  6. hahahaa.... don't eat too much salt, yeah? however, you are really a capable mom even when you were ill.

  7. cleff: like that also can ? can put soy sauce but i didnt.. lantak la!

    kathy: but i also didnt put cos half way, going to finish already..

    anne: i cook, not her. haha.. she knows how to eat only.. hahaa..

    pam: yeah, can add one but we didnt.. just eat.. i eat anything also flat today.. :)

    irene: thank you! but still coughing now and then. ahemmmm...

    miki: cos i felt like eating home cooked food.. :)

  8. Wah really very healthy meal. :)

  9. LOL... you still could clown when so sick!! ha ha ha...
    I am surprised your office starts at 8am!!!

  10. Claire, haha, what a clever cover up:D Hope you feel better soon.

  11. No harm done, I think you could use the salt shaker on them? Wow, Claire, you went to work AND cooked all this food???? Did you get in trouble for being late? How are you feeling today? Does your girl ever cook? Are you teaching her?

  12. The fish, no need salt and the baked tomato sauce already...and broccoli - just boil, very sweet and need to add salt. But do not over boil, serve still nice and crunchy.

    Maybe you always eat out, so taste buds spoilt already - anything and everything not salty enough...and no msg, not nice.

  13. The fish, no need salt and the baked tomato sauce already...and broccoli - just boil, very sweet and need to add salt. But do not over boil, serve still nice and crunchy.

    Maybe you always eat out, so taste buds spoilt already - anything and everything not salty enough...and no msg, not nice.

  14. Hi Reana, I would like to try the fish :)


  15. A well balanced diet...well done! Get well soon .. We going to party soon ;)

  16. hahas bland taste is good sometimes, no worries

  17. still home-cooked food is the best! outside food is full of msg! take care..

  18. never mind lah, you are the boss so late to work also nobody dares to complain, haha!! wah, the dinner looks good, though simple but within an hour is considered very capable jor~~ maybe forgotten to put salt saved you 10 minutes, wakakaka~~

  19. Isit the cough season? My hubby and MIL also down with cough =_=

    Take care!

  20. Some soy source would definitely spice up everything. You get well soon.

  21. hope you feel better by now. good excuses given to your daughter.hehehe..

  22. You must hit the road,go jalan jalan cari makan then post post,baru you will feel up up and away one,,,,, right? may be you miss out on that,that's way,semua tak jadi,,kekekekkek

    hey I met up with Cynthia this afternoon, nice lady can keep as a friend,,,(i know a real friend,when i see one) hahahhahah,just like you

  23. Hello! I'm following you from VoiceBoks since you're a featured member this week! I'm following you through GFC.

    I hope you're having a wonderful rest of your weekend!

    Much Love,
    Courtney P.


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