Saturday, November 19, 2011

Self Torture!

I am not feeling very well, I cough every now and then, a slight fever hovering by and my voice almost gone... I don't feel like doing anything by lying down and sleep... that is why I didn't blog hop much these two days, sorry ya!

But above all these, I am still yearning for something hot and nice.... when I went through my folder just now, I drooled and drooled over food such as these below...
I don't mind having a hot bowl of noodles now... 
fish noodles in hot salted vege soup...
or a bowl of hot laksa!  
gosh... why am I torturing myself??
my mum made me this hot soup instead... 

for Dessert, I yearn for a bowl of yam...
with thick santan (sinful dessert!)
I don't mind having a hot bowl of potato soup now too!!
or a plate of red cherries... 
followed by a sardine pastry!!
GOSH!!  I wish I am well now!!!
This reminds me of a chinese saying...
Eat while you can...
Forget about dieting.. forget about getting fat....
Eating Well means Prosperity!


  1. i am most attracted by the "mouse powder" in hot soup.. nice!! :D

  2. Life is funny,isn't it,we tend to crave more when we are sick,right? hey sister,do drink a lot of water,rest well,,,,, tomorrow shall be all right, I pray ,amen?

  3. sk: I want something hot hot at this moment! :)

    eugene: thanks my fren... I am drinking tubs and tubs of water.. my toilet going to overflow.. hahaha...

  4. Like this you still yelling for laksa, gosh!!! are daring. Guess for the time being, "kuai kuai" just have plain porridge only. Take k and will hold you in my prayers.

  5. Porridge porridge porridge porridge porridge..... LOL!!!

  6. irene: you are such a dear! thank you, you take care too.. enjoy your weekend!

    stp: do u have to remind me? this morning i took actually.. :)

    kathy: thank you!

  7. u should rest well..don't eat too much when sick

  8. You can eat as much as you can when you get well later. So, now you should just 'yun' 'yun' 'yun'... (tahan)

  9. Oh, I know what you mean!!! I love to look at (and eat) delicious food. It always tastes good because I didn't have to do the cooking. lol. Hope you feel better soon, Claire.

  10. Do get well soon claire, so you can start enjoying all the good food again!

  11. I think at times when we are sick, our bodies will crave certain foods because we need the nutrients in them. I am SO sorry you are still sick, Claire!!! You asked about the shoes. No. they weren't special made, there are lots of styles on the web.

  12. those foods look really tasty. i hope that you'll get well soon :)

  13. Hope you're feeling better soon. What you need is a nice hot bowl of chicken soup. They say they have found it does help people not feeling well. Around here they have been having a lot of sinus infections.

  14. eat well, friend!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  15. Me too, cough and flu now after fever subsided, same to our boy. It has been a week, haiz.. Hubby took us to a Chinese sinseh and I actually feel better after taking the prescribed medicine. You take care and drinks lotsa water, okay.

  16. get well soon Claire. I've been down for the past 24 hours and not been eating too...

  17. wenn: I think of them only.. didnt eat much..

    pam: cannot yan then wahhhh... :)

    gigi: thanks! I am better a bit today...

    mery: Yes, I want to...

    isaac: yes, I am waiting to get well!!

    ginny: yes, online websites offer very nice designs..

    miki: thanks!!

    patty: i prefer something hot.. yeah.. hot soup!

    inspiredmum: u too? yeah, takes a week... sigh..

    merryn: time to diet, right? :)

  18. oosh, thf flu bug is hitting me now..

  19. U'd better stay away from these food pics when u're not well. It's torturous leh. :)

  20. Was feeling the same way two weeks ago. I'm feeling a little bit better now. I guess it's going around!

    Visiting you form VB! Fellow featured member! Following you as well. ;)

  21. Seems that everyone is getting sick lately. I hope you are feeling better. Congrats on being a featured member on VB this week. :)


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