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One Is Lonely, Two Is Company

I "think" I am getting better today, though my voice is not original yet, though my taste buds are still "sourish"... I can't wait to be well again...

I drove out to buy something to eat this evening, I bought a packet of chee cheong fun and two packets of barley water (they were in plastic bags) and just put them on the passenger seat.. Upon reaching home, to my frustration, the two packets of barley has spilled all over my front seat, soaking my car cushion. In my blurry mind, I forgot to hang up the plastic bags.   Sigh.... sien!

Now when I am writing this, to all ladies who want to remain single, do consider this... when you are sick and there is no one in the house to help you, even to fetch a glass of water, it is INDEED very saddening... So think over before you say NO to all males.. hahhaahaa..

OK, I shut up here... in my blur-blur mind, that is all I want to say for today... 


  1. Sometimes partner useless, good for nothing....lagi headache and heartache...and buat sakit hati only. Where's your mummy...or your girl?

  2. I m even worst. When I m sick, got an active kid or sick kid, n no help at all.... Really ho cham.

  3. Sometimes partner useless, good for nothing....lagi headache and heartache...and buat sakit hati only. Where's your mummy...or your girl?

  4. P.S.
    In your opinion, which son would be best to have around at a time like this?

  5. glad to hear you're recovering soon :)

  6. blurr blurr..your mind must have wandered elsewhere..ended with more work to to clean up the mess in your car.

  7. Speedy recovery to u! Gotta take care of urself and ur girl too. She's bz doing revision for the on-going SPM, rite? All the best to Fernie!

  8. Praying for you to feel better soon. :-)


  9. I live with my hubby and younger daughter. They help me when they are home, but most of the time they are either at work or at school.

  10. hope you have a speedy recovery..take the manuka honey (don't add water) and Vitamin C..

  11. Good title. Heavy article.


  12. hmm...are you thinking of remarriage??

  13. I hope you're feeling better soon. I know it is hard to be ill and no one to bring you soup. : ( I'd bring some, but I'm all the way in California... I'm visiting the featured members from VoiceBoks today. Your blog is fun to read and so interesting! Great job!

  14. With a male around, seeing how clumsy his partner is, all you will get is more scolding and nagging. If he offers to help clean the seat, then only your ears will be taking the punishment. Many will just yell at you and make you clean the mess yourself... agree?

  15. Well believe me, there can be a male in the house and you still have to do the running and getting things for yourself anyway, plus them. LOL Remember that also.

  16. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well but Congrats on your VB featured member status!

  17. aiyo memang sien la...nevermind...get well soon la

  18. Congratulations on being a vB featured member! I hope you feel better soon.

  19. stp: I am just making a general statement.. when sick, it is nice to have someone tending to your needs.. :)

    rachel: I can understand that very well.. so..what are you going to do?

    stp: all of them!! hahaha.. selfish mom.. i want all to be here..

    isaac: yes.. soon!!

    lena: that is the worst! have to clean up.. blurry me!

    slavemom: that is why, i have to keep her away from me also...

    rosann: thanks a lot!

    gigi: good to have somebody in the house actually.. otherwise too quiet..

    agnes: almost half bottle gone! yes, drank once this morning too..

    filip: hahaha... that is the way it goes..

    doc: a word of advice to the single ladies.. or men.. hahaha..

    lisa: thanks for informing and your support!!

    patty: speaking from experience? hahaha..

    shannon: thank you!

    kathy: sien also got to do hor?

    lisa: thank you!!

  20. Well, I am glad you are some better, but can you stay home from work? You seem to sick to go, do you get many days of sick leave each year? I have never heard of barley water, we don't have it here. What do you do with it?

  21. I'm off the computer for the next three days, see you on Thursday, Claire. By then I hope to find you totally well!

  22. glad that u are recovering well.. haiyo, whatever things liquid or solid also hang them just in case lo.. :p

  23. Reana,
    Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. Sending hugs your way. I hope you feel better soon! Congrats on being a featured member of voiceBoks!

  24. Haha Claire, I so prefer you continue talking :D

    Rest well ba =)

  25. this was but i hope you are feeling better! congrats on being a VB featured member!

  26. You poor baby...still got to work when sick :( I got to rest my is better this morning :) Hope to see you on wednesday and we go partying together :))))

  27. Oh dear.. so sorry to hear that you're sick Claire! Do get well soon! We miss you!! :)

  28. Must look for man like Pete and STP,men can cook are sexy,you know?

  29. Oh! I hate having liquids spilt in my car! Hope you get well soon! : )

  30. What a piece of good advice that you have given to all the single women and men out there. You take care.

  31. aiyo kesian nyer u.. spill barley lagi. poor thing :(

    hope u get well soon. so pity to read about u like this :`(

  32. ginny: no, i didnt stay home cos i have lots of work to catch up on.. maybe once they are done, I will take a rest! thanks for your wishes!

    sk: yeah..yeah.. i wonder why i didnt!!

    erin: thanks, i was very surprised!

    daniel: writing you mean..

    lulobird: thanks for coming by!

    wabbitfoot: thanks lady!

    elin: still on mc??

    sweetwitch: thanks.. i wanna be better!!!

    eugene: oh, u exclude yourself? hahahaa..

    foong: i hope so too!

    sheohyan: just at that moment.. only when sick.. hahaa..

    merryn: there are good times and there are down times.. right? anyway, thanks!


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