Monday, November 7, 2011

Seafood Caused The BOMB!

This morning after church, my friend and I went for food hunting out of Ipoh to satisfy our "wai sikness" (hunger)... We were contemplating whether to go to Tanjung Tualang or Sitiawan... eventually we ended up in Kampong Cina, Sitawan for our lunch.

The crowd was fantastic ... so many cars here and there.. guess everyone is taking an opportunity like us to go and enjoy the seafood.....
this is the place we landed in Kampong Cina...
I won't tell the name of this place... they might "sue" me...
Coconut trees are abundant there... so naturally
we ordered coconut for our drinks...
nice natural drink to quench our thirst..
then came the clams... "tarn"
didn't really like it...
the steamed "sek pan"fish...
lots of garnishing but not tasty,,,
steamed crabs... they put too much eggs to steam...
first time I see steamed crabs full of eggs in the shells.. 
not to my taste....
Only the vegetables tasted "normal"...
First... the price was skyhigh...
these few dishes cost RM82!!
(plus one egg osyters which was Lousy)

And secondly... on the way back, my stomach started to have "spasms"
Churning round and round... I had to persevere....
Really Persevere... till I reached a decent toilet...
I wonder which of the above made my "BOMB?"
Definitely No more SECOND time for me in that place....
sigh.. my poor stomach....


  1. I love seafoods and I always order it especially during special occasions when my husband take me out to dinner. So far most of the seafoods I tried are really good.

  2. The culprit should be oyster omelette... not fresh?

  3. Next time bring me...I belanja u... hehehe

  4. Oh no!!! And this place looks so fancy, too! I guess it just shows you can't tell a good food place by how fancy looking it is! I bet you got food poisoning??? Take care of yourself, my friend!

  5. Yup, seafood...and eggs. Risky. Take Chi-Kit pills, Instant relief...

  6. Hi Claire, thanks for giving your readers the bomb alert :-)

  7. hate when that happens!

    Bless your belly-

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  8. Yea, seafood can cause uneasy tummy sometimes...
    Hope you're feeling better now.

  9. Gosh such a faraway trip just to satisfy your waisikness?! *tabib*

    Unhygienically prepared food perhaps? I've had a few "bomb" encounters too and which caused me to have phobia in dining at those places too.

  10. Guess the seafood caused the BOMB... maybe not fresh or perhaps not prepared in a hygienic way. Home cooked is the best then!!...Take care!!!...

  11. errr, not skyhigh lah maybe just slightly more expensive only, got fish and crab woh.. so this one not good but still so many people eating there??

  12. Wuah,, looks so delicious..

    This is heaven for the Seafood lovers

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Thank you, readers!

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