Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chinatown Food, Tampines And IKEA, Singapore

Started off our day going to Tampines malls and then taking a free shuttle bus to IKEA for food... Talking about food, I didn't take much pictures actually, only these below from the Chinatown yesterday. I had no appetite then, today I am slightly better though not my "usual self" yet... meaning No Urge for food... surprising, huh? I am deeply shocked myself too..

Will be meeting up with a Singapore Blogger tonight at 7.30pm... will keep you all posted!
this actually looks very good... $5.90sg
but unfortunately, I couldn't even eat a quarter of this...
the rest went to my Leaning Pillar, Andy... lol... 
Andy ordered the "fried koay khak"  -  fried radish $4.00sg
one of the stalls in Chinatown
fried rice with lots of ingredients, my son likes it...$5.00sg
in the free shuttle bus on the way to IKEA...
oops...but my girl took the ride with Barney!


  1. Did you forbid her from doing that during her childhood years?

  2. The 1st dish looked the best. Those slices of white fish *slurps*

  3. Prices! Prices! How much do they cost? Share with your readers lah! Wah...celebrity Ipoh blogger meets Sinagpore blogger. So hebat lah you...

  4. The stall looks nice with beautiful logo. Lupp koay what's that over grown baby doing with Barney haha.

  5. pam: during her days, no Barney I think...

    gratitude: yes, they tasted not bad but i couldnt eat much..

    stp: hahaha... u ah... ok, written down there already..

    bananaz: trying to recall her younger days..

    kathy: hehehe... she loves it..

  6. not surprise you didn't have an urge for food in SG, because the food in SG is just, ekhem, well, you know what i mean~~ :p

  7. wai no come meet me in KL .. boo hoo hoo :( ...

    have fun in Singapore ya :)

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  8. You make me wonder who are you going to meet in Singapore. Will she be XX?

  9. Hahaha, still love playing those electronic toy cars huh?

  10. Have fun tonight! Love your photos.

  11. You are having too much fun! I was nicely looking at your delicious food pictures and then suddenly that last photo..i terperanjat sekejap. hahahah. it cracked me up! LOL. Happy Winter Solstice Festival to you and your family!

  12. This post is awesome..i've been reading tons of crap posts from other blogs, but shows you have a more educated reader base.

  13. Singapore blogger? Who ler...hmmm... :D


Thank you, readers!

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