Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An Exhausting Day Out To Chinatown And Clark Quay, Singapore

Woke up feeling kind of nausea, some kind of feeling like I was in my first early stage of pregnancy those days!  Gosh...for the first time, I do not have any appetite for anything... anyway, that did not deter me from going to China town and Clark Quay this afternoon....

Here are some pictures of my whereabouts....oh, these pictures are jumbled up and I cant seem to get them smoothly arranged using this small netbook.. :)
In Chinatown...
crossing over to The People's Park
along the pedestrian footway...
Resting myself in Clark Quay mall... 
with "My Leaning Pillar"
Tired look at Clark Quay
back at the apartment...
the "traffic light colours"  yellow, green, red...
exhausting look I have... I think I lost a lot of calories... hahaha...
City Link Mall Performance....
China town street...
Santa and Us!


  1. What, no food pics? ;s
    Still feeling lethargic? Please do take lotsa vic C since lethargy could lead to you easily falling sick. Immunity boost is great! Take care ya ;)

  2. When r u leaving? Oi... Ask Aaron to SMS me.

  3. No leh? You don;t look tired at all... You and your girl like sisters lah.

  4. Take care dear...you have to drive back later :) take in vits and take some pick me up tonic - chicken essence :) Went to visit labby and she wagged her tail ...hahaha asking to take her back :p Merry Xmas and have a swell time ya !

  5. wow..would love to take a pic with Santa too..Hv a nice holiday!

  6. This post really made me miss spending time with my family... especially Christmas is just so near now =)

  7. Clarke Quay is nice place. I stayed near by when I worked in S'pore many years ago.

  8. Looks like you are having a great time ya!! ;)

  9. On vacation? Nice... Your apartment looks good..

  10. chinatown? u must try their awesome muffins and also a good singapore prawn mee there!! also not to mention a fairly good katong laksa! haha

  11. You don't look exhausted. So happy instead..hehe. Enjoy yourself ok? thanks for sharing pictures..:)

  12. You prefer an boring exhausting day at work or fun exhausting day at play? haha. Work hard play harder.

  13. eh, this year no guessing game for your year end trip?? leaning pillar..haha! good one! you take care ya!

  14. Hey nice trip down south yeah. Claire u look slimmer ler. *Thumbs Up*

  15. hello frens!! thanks for coming by.. sorry, couldnt able to reply individually but have read your comments.. time limited on the INternet..


Thank you, readers!

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