Monday, December 19, 2011

Suntec City, Here I Am...

It seems like ages since I last logged in to the cyberworld!! So unfortunate that I did not have internet access here easily in Singapore.. my modem cannot be used here.. hahaha... thanks to my cousin, I am able to online tonight....

I cannot write much, I have so much to catch up with... emails.. blog connections.. work stuff.. etc etc.. let these pictures tell more about what and where I am ...
Here is where I am now....
we're staying here.... 
very nice and serene apartments.. 
my "porters" .. hahhaa... 
Evening in Suntec City...
the "lollipop" deco
the theme is Yellow.. lol...
for dinner, Aaron took us to Soup restaurant
"What to order..??"
this is their signature dish... very nice... 
our dinner for the first night...
This is all for today...  :)


  1. Enjoy your holidays in Singapore! Drooling at that signature dish! : )

  2. Im returning to SG tomorrow. When u leaving?

  3. wow, having the time of your life ya! :)

  4. Hi There, Just stopping by to say Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  5. hahaha, so it's already few days you've not been blogging and don't feel comfortable right?? anyway, great to hear that you are enjoying yourself in SG.. and OMG, look at that plate of steam chicken, so yummilicious!! i want to eat also leh~~ :D

  6. Hi hi... enjoy yourself in Singapore.

  7. Prices...How much was dinner? After conversion, I'm sure that cost a bomb! Aaron has no internet connection that you can use? No free wifi in Singapore? They have in KL but of course, slow lah...

  8. enjoy your holiday my friend... Merry Christmas!

  9. Nice! Enjoy!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  10. Xmas in Spore! NICE! I wanna be there too! sobs!

  11. Wah... you look enjoyed there. Nice one! having Christmas in Singapore..

  12. Claire, is that your chaffeur waiting for you. (the white car) ehhehehhe

  13. Miss you...enjoy yourself. Going to see how your Labby is doing tonight :) Bet she will be happy to see me :p

  14. The food is so scrumptious. The presentation is so much different from Malaysia restaurant. You have a nice holiday there.

  15. You deserve the holiday dear, shut off the computer and chill and relax and do nothing at all but to enjoy

  16. Happy holidays! Ohh Soup restaurant! They just opened one branch in One utama kl :)

  17. So enjoying ya!!

    Take care there~

  18. Singapore? Who would've guessed! Enjoy your vacation!

  19. Like their presentation of their signature dish quite unique.

  20. Wow BERSIH in Sinjiapo!! lolz
    An sure you enjoyed yourself thoroughly there. Safe return to Ipoh ya ^^

  21. So this is where you are..heheh.

    Not crowded with people there ah?


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