Monday, January 9, 2012

The Answer Is Uncle Bob!

Hey, I am surprised that no one knows what franchise this is... except me!! hehehee.. just kidding! I, myself also didn't know this was until I ate it in Penang two or three years ago... 
The very first time I bought this, it was very enormous, I remember sharing it with my kids and we love it very much!  We bought this at a pasar malam (night market) that time...
And a couple of weeks ago, when I was in Taiping, I came across this again!!
This is Uncle Bob's Hot Dog!!!
Have you all ever tried it?
I am sure many of you have... cos Uncle Bob is a franchise chain....
Tasted not bad especially when it is still hot... 
Not sure how it tastes like when it is cold...

Too bad Uncle Bob is not in IPOH yet...
Anyone interested in getting the franchise?
Oh, by the way, this is not a sponsored post...
Just sharing what I have tasted ...
and it tasted GOOD!


  1. Oh, hotdog... a sausage wrapped inside the bun dough. That's a creative idea but I believe this snack contains more oil than ham chin peng.

  2. cheh..didnt know u r asking for franchise name. but in the US, we call it corn-dog.

  3. I never tried that uncle bob sausage before... maybe i rarely shopping for grocery... really didnt notice that.

    the only thing i know about uncle bob is the fried chicken... haha

  4. Aiya, answer not Poke Eye Franchise ah?
    Sure looks like can use to poke eye leh....ha ha ha!

  5. I've not seen this in PJ area... but it sure looks good, just that not very healthy since it is deepfried with dough, right? That means, even more oil is absorbed... hehehe

  6. pam: but surprisingly this one in Taiping does not contain so much oil as in those yau chau kwai... u should know the place.. the food court near the Mr. BBQ...

    rachel: hahaa...i asked ma.. what franchise..

    daniel: yeah..that is the main one..

    pete: next time we have poke eye franchise! hahaa..

    irene: ooppss.. not healthy!

  7. why da shape so funny one? macam cucumber..

  8. Taiping also have already, sure Ipoh will have one soon!

  9. Merryn: cucumber?

    hayley: yes, hopefully.. not cheap too.. this one cost Rm2.50!

  10. penang? where? why i never know about it! TT i wanna try also!

  11. Deep fried should be nice... Lots of sausage buns in the bakeries - not crazy about those.

  12. yay! food hunting in penang this week!

  13. henry: pasar malam in sungai dua or sungai nibong..

    stp: once awhile ok.. if u ask me to eat often, i muak also..

    medie: hahaha.. running again?

  14. Never even heard of it leh,, from Penang ka? if it is so,I must really give a hard tight slap on my face,lest somebody else calls me Penang's Taiko..hahahahahah, but betul betul cakap, I a bit also no have "tao sui" what that is,,,

  15. in Hawaii: Waffle Dog! LOL

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  16. My son would certainly enjoy this :) Yum!

  17. I've not seen this before - at least not in PJ. Interesting : )

  18. LOL . sedap la. but halal or not ? :P


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  20. UNCLE BOB FRIED CHICKEN coming soon in February 2012!!!!

    VENUE : IPOH GARDEN ( Opposite Nasmir Nasi Kandar , Behind Tesco Ipoh)

    Special Opening Promotion!!

    BUY 1 FREE 1..


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