Sunday, January 8, 2012

LEE CHONG WEI Won The Korean Open Badminton Finals!

I really didn't expect Lee Chong Wei to win the Korean Open Finals this afternoon!! It was shown live before 3pm and the game lasted more than one hour... imagine how tiring the players were.... and imagine how happy I was when our Malaysian won for the first time against Lin Dan after so many losses!

Did Lin Dan purposely let Lee Chong Wei win this Korean Open finals?? But I think Lee Chong Wei played an aggressive game during the 2nd and the rubber match... or perhaps Lin Dan was too tired to keep up with Lee Chong Wei's pace?

Whatever it is, Lee Chong Wei is still the country's hero!! He has played a Good Game!! Congratulations to him!!!
The Victory At Last!!
Lee Chong Wei Won Over Lin Dan
Been waiting to see a victory like this for a long long time!
The Score!!


  1. Haha...let him win first then whack him again in Olympics....

  2. Thumbs Up for LCW. You have done Malaysia proud.

  3. what a hero Dato Lee Chong Wei

  4. Congratulations, your hero is back!

  5. chris: i also think the same thing! this Lin Dan wont lose so easily hor?

    irene: yes, he has played a good game!

    anonymous: not easy to win Lin Dan!

    pam: hope he can overcome LD during the olympics!

  6. wow, congratulations!! finally he has another win over Lin Dan, and from the points he definitely grew more aggressive..

  7. Congrats to Lee Chong Wei!! :D:D

  8. Congratulations to our national hero! :)


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