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Sad Day

My Apple gave me problem this morning. Now recovered after some consultation. Then evening came home to find out that my pc cannot start up. Why today?

I have sent my laptop and my desktop computer for repairs, don't understand why both of these computers get spoil almost at the same time.  Last month I used to have a laptop and a desktop and today I have neither.  Kind of funny, isn't it?  Both got broke down like that...

The computer service man told me that my laptop has reached its age, it is almost six years now, it cannot be repaired anymore but thankfully my desktop computer is still "usable."  There is only a slight problem and it can be rectified in a day or two. 

I am now relying on my office computer to do my official and personal work and I hope it will not fail on me too.  Where it comes to important documentation, it is advisable to look into IT security so as to keep the information safe and sound, protected with the highest standards in the business. 

As for my own computers, I really feel kind of "lost" when I cannot get hold of my computers in the evening.  Am I so addicted to the computers?  I "checked myself" out and I come to this conclusion.. that is I can live without a cell phone but I cannot stand losing a computer.  :)


  1. Its ok mum..Maybe these things happended to give us rest :)

  2. Is ok Claire, Once in a blue moon...Sleep well ya. Sweet dreams too.

  3. God wants you to take a good night sleep, my friend...

  4. *sigh* Kesian you. Mebbe God wants you to slow down abit. Hope things are better for you tomorrow, Claire.

  5. Gosh, Claire, you have been having bad luck in the Lucky Year Of The Dragon!!! Let's hope the termites didn't move to your computers!!! Apple usually has really good customer service, have you called? Keep us informed and let us know what is wrong. If it is both the laptop and the desktop, seems like a connection problem, you would not think they would both break at the same time?

  6. Good idea...and no nightmares, I hope. Muahahahaha!!!!

  7. Time to slow down lah sis,, God knows you have been busy,"blogging" and writing PPP,staying up late,waking up early,so God says once again, slow down slow down,,,,

  8. Yes, yes.. I slept very early last night and woke up very refreshed..
    Yes, I believe all things happen for a reason... I know I have been engrossed deeply... this is a time to "chill out" so the saying goes.. :)

  9. haha glad that you enjoyed the chill time :)

  10. Fuh! U cakap u 'village' when it comes to your Apple but you can blog from it! More handal than me weh. I still havent tried blogging from my Apple!

  11. Sleep early, wake up early, you will have a fresh new day. Wish you have a happy day.

  12. Yes, everything happen for a reason. Hope everything is fine and running smooth now.

  13. Take a break from computer and Internet will do you some good : )


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