Monday, January 30, 2012

Useful Tips To Prevent Termites!

First thing to do in the morning.. called up the pest control company and at 3pm, we made an appointment to meet in my house.  Thank goodness they sent a talkative young man to answer all my FAQ about Termites ....

When he saw my store room, he said the termites are gone but where they have gone to, he couldn't tell.. he took out a torchlight and surveyed my whole house, knocking here and there on the woods... so far, so good, he said...

Ok, here are some tips on how to prevent termites from attacking ....

1)  Always leave a few inches gap from any wooden furniture and the wall... that means do not put the cupboards, piano, tables sticking to the wall area.

2)  Now and then, knock all on the wooden panels in the house... (one of my to-do-list when I am walking around the house)

3)  Listen to the sound of solid wood and hollow wood and if it is serious, just a poke can make a hole!

4)  Do not use cardboard boxes to store up books, newspaper and anything which is made of paper... spend some money buying plastic storage containers to keep our important documents helps, so he said.

5)  Store rooms must be aired once awhile.. and do leave a space for walking inside the store room.  (Mine is a bad example... no pathway at all... fully utilized to the brim!)

Some information about Termites.... they are scared of sunlight.. (just like vampires/draculas)  You know why?  Cos their bodies are full of protein... when the sunlight hit them, their bodies melt...this is another reason why some people like to eat Termites!!  They wanted their protein!  aikksss....

So protein lovers, now you know where to get free protein!!  Yikesss!!


  1. YUCK! Termites can actually be eaten? I had no idea! Damn geli lah...

  2. Termites are a good and cheap alternative source of protein, some vitamins and minerals. Termites are normally eaten when they get to the winged stage.

  3. cleff: now u know! hahahaa.. me too..

    pam: gosh..that is a grossy alternative! but then no chemicals, right?

  4. oh man i can't help laughing at your post Claire. The last part is too funny. thanks for the great tips!

  5. answering all your questions and you say he is talkative, so mean lah you.. he's just being helpful to service you and you should praise him for his excellent customer relationship handling.. wakakaka!! anyway thanks for the talkative guy we all know some tips to avoid termites here!! :D

  6. lol!, nice tips here claire :P let's nom some termites.. nom nom nom

  7. brilliant tips. shall practice it as i have lots of wood in my house.

  8. no have to drill holes in your house or not to prevent future invasion? i saw your previous posts, quite badly invaded!! claire, how to eat the termites? deep fried or cook with soya sauce??

  9. Thanks for giving us these tips, Claire!!! I am so glad the man thinks they are all gone, you all must have done a professional job!!!

  10. After my non-stop nagging, my missus finally did clear our storeroom. Didn't hear her complain of termites but after the clearing, still the same...stuffed to the brim. Women!

  11. barb: i m not laughing today.. cos i have to pay RM400 tomorrow.. :(

    sk: good to be talkative u know.. can win the aunties' heart.. no need to bargain too! hahaha...

    isaac: i think taiwan and china a lot la!

    miss: better be more observant! :)

    ginny: he said they have gone somewhere..far or near, we dont know.. sigh..

    stp: gosh.. she cleared the stuff and not you? I surely cannot carry all those heavy stuff.. i need the males to do that! your wife is great la! :)

  12. Yucks!!!...even if got protein who dares to eat termites. At the look of it already pengsan. Poor young man, talk too much, people say talkative, didn't talk people will say dumb. That is what we call human beings. Anyway thanks for the tips.

  13. Eeeww.. nobody likes termites!

    Thanks for the tips!

  14. Think not eating just any termites but Her Majesty the Termite Queen. tQ for the tips. Oh the termites knocked twice on the pipe? They must have been scared of that talkative young man when knocks three times on the ceiling.

  15. Vampire termites, eh? I didn't know the fact they are afraid of sunlight...

    I think I need to call termites pro, too. Knock, knock here and there, I spotted hollow wood *sweat*

  16. irene: i like him.. he answered all my questions.. :) maybe i should say he is friendly and chatty.. not talkative..

    hayley: very yucky!

    bananaz: nowadays must go round the house knocking la.. hahaa..

    yvonne: just be more observant.. :)

  17. My house also got termites. The one I rented out also got.. Sigh. Damn irritating insects. I think most of the houses in kl also got, just a matter of how bad the situation is. Nowadays people even subscribe to the termites treatment on yearly basis, like insurance.

  18. you cee my store room u will pengsan leh

  19. Heard of people hunting for termites but didnt know the reason behind. Thanks for telling me! I hope I would not encounter one when I move into my new house. Got to get the pest control to check first.

  20. hahaha, ok ok.. so not only he is the termite killer, but also the auntie killer!! wakakaka, so you kena "electrocuted" till you didn't bargain ah?? :D

  21. kiasumom: new houses in ipoh also got termites cos from the ground..

    kathy: i will come and check.. hahahaa..

    rose: yes, better to check...

    sk: u r absolutely right! hahaha.. i kena sak sau see lai...

  22. Termites are every homeowner's nightmare. While new homes still have a long way before they get infested with these pests, it is highly recommended for homeowners to find ways to prevent infestation.


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