Friday, February 10, 2012

First Day Of Wake

A very tiring day... from 6.30am I woke up and after dropping my girl to work, my sister and I have to go here and there to get everything done... One of our church members owns a funeral parlor and it was easier to get all the procedures done up smoothly.  The caretakers went up to Cameron Highlands to claim my BIL's body and drove the two hours journey back to Ipoh for burial.

Went to the funeral parlour, went to buy some black pants for my nephew and niece, drove to church... by the time we finished driving here and there, it was almost 2pm when we reached home...

I was exhausted and I think I dozed off immediately on my sofa.... but woke up at the sound of my phone ringing an hour later, I think...

Anyway, a short nap helps to freshen up the mind.. At 6pm or so, we had to go to the funeral parlour in town... but now I am back... 11pm... hungry... and eating two slices of bread with sambal dried prawns as fillings...

Tomorrow will be another day....


  1. May God watch over you and your family, Claire. Take care... dun get too exhausted.

  2. kathy: hopefully i wont..

    cleff: thank you..

  3. Hope everyone stays strong during thee hard times. My condolences to your sister and her family.

  4. My condolences to you and your family, Claire. I hope all goes well after this terrible event. Stay strong.

  5. I'm sorry you have to go through this Claire. Condolences to you and your family. You are in our prayers. =)

  6. Take care. I'm very tired too, but ok now...hopefully. Will post on it in a day or two.

  7. My heartfelt condolences, Claire. Please take care and God Bless. KG

  8. Take care of yourself too. May the Blessing of the Lord be upon you & your sister's family.

  9. stp: take care too!

    khaw: thank u.. u too!

    isaac: thanks!

    Irene: thanks to u too.

  10. Sorry to hear about it. Takecare,Claire.


Thank you, readers!

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