Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Second Day

Another tiring day with mixed issues...

First thing was to find a home for Siew Kat, the shihszu... sister cannot take care of her now since her heart is not too good... spent an hour phoning up the pet shops/vets/groomers to adopt the doggie but to no avail... called up a few friends too but all turned down the adoption offer.

Made one final call to Christine... "hey... wanna take in my sister's dog, a shihszu?"  I expected a No... and when she said, "Oi, oi ah.."(I want, I want..) I couldn't believe my ears.. asked second time... sure or not... "Sure!"  Phew... Case closed...

After sending the doggie to my friend's place, we had our dinner and off to the funeral parlor for the 2nd night...  and back at 11.30pm....


  1. glad to hear your friend wanted the shihszu

  2. That is good news. Thank God for dog lovers!

  3. GOD has a way for the living... hope everything will be fine...

  4. At last doggie has a place called home. A big thank to your kind friend.

  5. hugs to your sis. She is blessed to have you helping her.

  6. You must be very tired and thank God for you being the strong one and helping your sister along. Thank God for Christine taking in the dog. Take care and God keep you and sister strong during this time of grieve.


Thank you, readers!

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