Friday, March 23, 2012

Arthur Wee"s Special Dinner In Sibu

And now.. the meal that we really look forward to while we were in Sibu... a special meal which was prepared by some chefs in Sibu and taken in our host's own home.... what more can we ask....
Our Sibu Chef... 
(don't play play!)

After the appetizer in my previous post, we were led to the table to "drool" over the  8 course dinner....
Someone is "admiring" the dishes....
Guess who??
Come.. lets take a closer look....
Umai (raw fish) a Melanau specialty...
Ayam Belanda... over here, we call it Rendang Ayam?
Sambal Brinjals...
this dish specially cooked by Arthur...
Pumpkin with tapioca leaves, belacan, ginger and ikan bilis
Masak Hitam Sarawak..(beef)
My son loves this a lot too!
(more description in this post here)
Arthur's famous recipe... fried noodles..
Very tasty.. 
Yes, better than the ones we took outside, seriously!
If only my stomach can put in more...
ahhhhh.. this one..
specially brought and cook by Quay Po's mother..
Vegetarian intestines-yummy and chewy!
Never know that it could be cooked this way!
Lastly and not least... the udang masak kunyit...
I had two of that big head prawns!
So nice of Arthur to make my choices come true!  LOL...
One Look at Andy's Face...
All to his Liking!
Two thumbs up from Girlie.....
and.... all thumbs up from the guests to the Chefs!!
Thank you for the wonderful dinner!
Hope we are invited again and again...


  1. so many dishes for 7 pax? that must be a really filling meal :)

    Latest: Anything IS Food!

  2. Wow!!..great meal. See, our very own Sibu Chef puts his full concentration in that bowl of masak hitam if I am not wrong.

  3. All the 'geng' spicy food served at one go. Wonder if the West Malaysians could stomach that much chilli...

  4. fish: 8 dishes la..i counted one short.. hahaha..

    kathy: i love the 2nd pic.. hahaa...

    irene: this is the proof.. Arthur can cook!

    pam: confirmed we could! asking for more! hahaha..

  5. wow!! two thumbs up plus two big toes up too!! really impressive, he can cook so many dishes!! but all hot and spicy one?? love that fried noodles also woh, his signature dish ah??

  6. Wow! Sure a lot of dishes. All local specialty. Now you really taste the Sarawak special dishes.

  7. home cooked wonders...lots of patience and lots of love:D

  8. I am amazed how different all these meals look.


  9. Hah!!! I love you too, Isaac! LOL!!!

    Omigawd!!! So many photos! shy lah! Cheap dinner, so many people not even come to RM100...and so much leftover - must be not so nice one!

    But at least you get to try some Sarawak specialties, some kampung-style cooking...different from what you can get in the shops. Lots more!!! (See papakucing's links on Facebook!!!) Come again, and we can try the rest...

  10. P.S.:
    LOL!!! Your kids do look pleased... Hope they enjoyed their stay in Sibu - not really a happening place for young people.

  11. Mmmm... yummylicious! The prawn head is soooo big!!! I likey! Arthur sure can cook, hor? Won't starve...

  12. STP is such a wonderful host to you all.

  13. Arthur can cook! Next time bring me ya?

  14. stp now become a tour guide n now a chef....

  15. Re. Sheoh Yan's comment.

    Everybody came all the way to Sibu becuase of my constant pestering. Otherwise I'm sure they would not give Sibu a second thought should they want to go somewhere for a break. So, my only worry was that I did not do enough to make their stay here a pleasant and memorable one so that they would feel that their trip was really worthwhile.

  16. Wah wah wah... wah wah wah... drool drool drool... can I be Andy the next time you all visit Sibu again? hahahaha

  17. Quick! Quick! Everybody wants to follow you to Sibu now, Claire. When is your next trip? Book your ticket fast!

  18. So yummy.....esp for prawn,pumpkin and ayam belanda....
    Next time I wanna join too......hahaha:)

  19. wow, this chef can really cook man!!

  20. wow.....table full of food stuffs !


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