Monday, March 5, 2012

Dragon-i Caught My Eye In Queensbay Mall, Penang

It all happened when we were in Queensbay Mall, Penang... we passed by Dragon-i Restaurant and what caught my eye was this promotion displayed....
This picture attracted me to make a reservation for dinner on the second night of our stay in Penang.  I thought it would be a good choice for an Asian dinner after the Western meal in Delicious on the first night.  After all, there was a promotion going on and we could get to taste this for RM338 ++.....
So... the next evening at around 7.30pm, we were seated at the table and to my astonishment, the waitress put a stove at the middle of the table... I was thinking, "Eh, why the stove, it is not steamboat... "  

Then a few minutes later, this "stainless steel pan" was put on top of the stove.... "HUH?  Like that one ah?  So "unattractive!"  I was expecting some nice cookery like the one displayed above... wouldn't you expect the same like I did?
Anyway, this was served to us... so "unrefined"
nothing like the picture as displayed at their entrance.. LOL...

Overall, the food was not too bad.. it's just that we did not expect this to come out in a stainless steel pan and stove... am I being Ah Lian or what?  Is this actually what we called "Poon Choy?"  The one I had in Ipoh was definitely better in terms of presentation..

Well, there is always a first time, right?  Or perhaps the last...  If I go to Dragon-i again, I would order some other dishes but definitely not this again.... 


  1. My friend bought it using hong leong card....
    Rm50 discount for tat...

  2. are you sure you ordered poon choi and not steamboat? haha! but actually it looks like a lot of soup here. when everyone's free, we go for poon choi, ok?

  3. Yay! Poon Choi I want also ! Lena, you organize one and we go :) Now must diet first :p

  4. Franchising outlets like Dragon-i are very commercialised. They always want to earn more by cutting down on the cost. Claypot, no doubt, should be used to bring out a more intense flavour of the dish but takes a longer time to boil and cool as well. So, diners are always being victimised, hoh?

  5. simpleperson: yeah..338 with hongleong card..

    lena: lets try the Ipoh Menglembu one!! OK!

    Elin: diet or not.. useless la.. eat first... exercise more later! hahaa..

    pam: i believe in presentation.. if it is presented in a more refined way, the food will taste different.. right?

  6. Did you see what the others were eating? Here, they start with the pretty dishes, but when they run out, they have to use others that are not as attractive. So maybe if they were busy, all the pretty ones were in use. Otherwise, the sign is kind of false advertising!

  7. Haiyor...that thing alone almost RM400??? You banyak kaya hor! Here, with that kind of money we can have full-course sit-down Chinese dinner...with change even!

  8. hahahaha!! yalor, how come in stainless steel pot one?? so not elegant, haiyoh.. anyway, i don't like to eat "poon choy" one lah, all mixed up like "dogs food" only.. i prefer those food to be served individually lor..

  9. Dragon I not for me anymore,been there,tried it,not so happy....

  10. Wow!!!...sooooooooo expensve. Looks awkward with that big stove and pot on the table but the stuff inside looks good.

  11. we had this as our CNY reunion was last year.hehehhe.

  12. kathy: it is memang poon choy..

    wenn: okay la..

    ginny: no, dont think it is because of that reason. :)

    stp: lets wait and see! hahaha.. yearning...

    sk: food..

    eugene: i think certain dishes are good only..

    irene: all campur campur..

  13. I also came across this ad... but never try.. think this is the time when the word "picture for illustration purposes only, the actual dish may differ" come in place..

  14. yeeling: me first time with abalone.. hahaa..

    cyn: yeah, i guess for illustration purposes only .. hmmm..

  15. I love poon choy to bits, but Dragon-I poon choy isn't looked that good.

  16. Ehh I ate poon choy before but never with stainless steel pot on fire.. haha.. you should have asked them to change to the nice claypot! :)

  17. Definitely does not look like the picture, but I think every restaurant does. Your going to a picture and get a completely different. At least here it was good.


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