Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hotels In Penang I Like To Recommend...

When we go to Penang, the hotels we normally book are Gurney Hotel, Royal Hotel (formerly known as Sheration, Dorsett...) and B-Suite Hotel.

For family of four, I would recommend Gurney Hotel because it is a suite and has bigger space to move around.  For couples, Royal Hotel is fine because it is near to the town and can easily move about for food... the rates are very moderate too...

And then for those with tighter budget and bigger group, I would recommend B-Suite... cos the room is really big that can accommodate 10 people easily.. (of course if you don't mind the wooden flooring)  This B-Suite is highly suitable for young people, college students who want to stay together and yet enjoying the free wifi in the room... hahaha....

Hey, why am I recommending these hotels..... this is not a paid post but just sharing what I know... I may not be correct.... but for me and my family, we always like to go back to Gurney Hotel along the Gurney Drive.... They have one and two rooms suites and their rates are quite reasonable... 
the swimming pool and recreation at the 7th floor...
kids' pool
the adults'pool... too bad I have water phobia.. wasted for not swimming...
but only can have a look here and there...
my friend checking out the pool...
 and the edge of the pool looks "dangerous" ... right?
 nice view from the pool...
facing the blue sea....
since we did not swim, we enjoyed the other activities there...
someone playing ping-pong and carrying handbag?
sure boh?
should play like this..
handbag one side... hahaha..
ada gaya... tapi.... 
(got style...but.... )

This was what we did after our lunch in Lorong Selamat...
At least we burnt some calories...
and next...
our  Dinner in Dragon-i Queensbay.


  1. One of our fave place to stay too when the family home is filled with the cuzz:D

  2. same gang with you....water phobia. My kids would love the swimming pool.

  3. You go to Penang quite often ya?

    I've never stay at any hotels at Penang, cause usually we go for a day trip ;)

  4. mesti ada gaya..I missed playing ping pong!

  5. You left out one... my apartment.

  6. u know how to ply ping pong?? I wakil daerah one ohh~ ngek ngek ! I wanna play with u someday! xD JOM!

  7. Nice hotel...Thanks for the info.

  8. missy: so you like to stay there too.. :)

    irene: i think last time we had no chance to learn, right? :)

    hayley: u r nearer to Penang.. yes, i go there quite often..

    wenn: get tired picking up balls.. hahaha..

    pam: hey, u never told me! :) it is for rental?

    eunice: i wakil my keluarga only! hahahaa..

    mery: u r welcome! :)

  9. Thanks for the recommendation! Will take note of the hotels mentioned : )

  10. I stay @ bay view or cititel...
    More happening.... :D

  11. the title.. i like it! Penang boy here.. hehe. Gurney hotel is kinda pricey yes? but the location and ambiance is top notch.

    I stayed over at Hard Rock Hotel for my birthday last year, really overpriced but it does have a unique theme. ROckstars! :)

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  12. wow, very nice!! i like the pool.. this is what we call "infinity pool", its the trend of pool design now.. and love the whole layout too, those plank on the floor just make the whole feel so posh..

  13. I bet you know all of the best places to stay and to eat!! Here, we have a problem. A return of bedbug infestation, even in the best four star hotels. I am afraid to stay anywhere!

  14. There's Subway at the back of the hotel block and I like the roti jala at the nasi kandar shop...

  15. All this and dinner with the Dragon too!

    What a good post about this place, they should link to this post, and 'comp' you a few nights!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

  16. Too bad you don't swim. Those pools look great!

  17. foong: the ones I have stayed.. i m sure there are many more nicer ones..

    simpleperson: yes, i stayed in bayview before but not cititel.. more happening in Penang Road, right?

    isaac: waahhhhh... very very expensive in Hard Rock, man!

    sk: too bad i dont know how to swim! :)

    stp: yeah yeah.. but in penang, must go for hawker food .. hahaa..

    aloha: just the name of the restaurant only.. :)

    gigi: yes, i do regret not learning...

  18. Claire, next time show the room pics.

  19. I stayed in this hotel until sien. so now we are staying at Ever Green, next door. Will check out B-suite.

  20. i wanted to see whats the size of the bedroom/toilet and other facilities :)

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  21. Yes, Gurney Hotel is not bad. Hubby always stay there for his biz trips.

  22. You should try G Hotel but you have to make reservations early.Next to Gurney Plaza and the hawker stalls.

  23. Several people said Gurney Hotel was haunted in one of the rooms. Then my mum told me a wealthy lady committed suicide by jumping off from the high floor! Alamak! Sorry, phiak my mouth!!!


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