Friday, March 16, 2012

Rajang River, Sibu And Farewell To Quay Po...

After our "heavy" breakfast, we were guided to this place called Wong Nai Siong Garden adjacent to Sungai Merah (Red River).  According to Arthur, this is the place where the late Wong Nai Siong, the first Foochow pioneer landed... (am I correct, Arthur?)  Well, roughly like that la.. too lazy to google more.. *that's me!* 
anyway, here we are... 
The side view...
along the Red River.. or is it Rajang River?
Arthur, you told me that this river turns to red sometimes?
due to the red leaves or ...... *something like that*
Another picture before we ventured off to feast again!
Believe it or not... in less than an hour, 
we had our second breakfast!
Roti canai telur!
and Sibu famous flat noodles with egg as topping...
back at hotel... our shopping....all foodie stuff...
then... at 12pm... it was time to bid goodbye to 
Quay Po and her friend Ping...
though it was less than 24 hours,
I really must say that it is indeed a great pleasure 
to know both of them.. they are indeed FUN!!

Till we meet again..
Stay Young.. Be Good...  Dear Pear...


  1. Nice farewell post. I don't like to say "good-bye", I say "See you again". Did you call somebody Miss Pear. Who is that??? hahahaha

  2. wahaha, pear? inside joke?

    y the river so brown one? is it mud?

  3. A nice trip to Sibu..too bad I am not able to meet you guys..hope to see you in Sibu in your next trip here.

  4. When I saw the roti canai telur pic, I thought the next one is roti canai put on top of kuey teow. Hahaha. Then when read your description, realise it was egg. What a great trip you have there.

  5. food and friends make lovely outings:D

  6. quaypo: someone i know in Sibu.. yeah.. till we meet again.. bye in Sibu.. hello in KL or IPOH!

    isaac: river colour.. :)

    mery: yeah, some other time .. we might go again!

    diana: cant blame u.. cos both also eggs ma.. haha...

    blurkit: yes, nice gathering with bloggers!

  7. The scenic beauty of the Rajang River is a sight to behold. Thanks for sharing. At least now I have another reason to consider cuti-cuti Malaysia. You know la, travelling by plane means going out of the country, so the idea of exploring Eastern Malaysia has never crossed my mind so far.

  8. How nice! Glad you enjoyed your visit!

  9. Pam, that's Sungai Merah or the Red River. The Mighty Rejang is not so small...

    Isaac, low tide when the water goes downstream, it's like teh-o (tea without milk)...the colour is due to the dried leaves that drop from the trees up river into the water.

    High tide, the water comes in from the main Rejang River and turns into teh-see (tea with evaporated milk). What to do - logging upstream....but anytime better than Sungai Petani!

  10.'s a nice place after all

  11. If you are adventurous about food, then Sibu is a nice place to venture into. Glad everyone enjoy the food and places of interest. So when is the next trip again?

  12. Nice gathering ya!

    Red River, why not red color eh? hehehe :P

  13. pam: now the only state i havent been is Sabah... yet to come! any blogger from Sabah whom I know???

    chris: cakap seronok! hahaha..

    gigi: yeah, we did..

    stp: thanks for explaining! pheww....

    irene; yeah, different state different types of speciality.. good to venture out and explore..

    wenn: too bad u have something on..

    hayley: I leave this explanation to our teacher, STP.. he knows better.. :) the theory is above here..

  14. i like the sibu fried koaw teow.. i think in ipoh they call it golden fried kuew teow...

  15. Sure have a lot of fun there. Haha Sarawak is just Sabah's neighboring state but I have never been there once xD

  16. lol i was going to ask why izit call red river while it is yellow den only saw what arthur said. haha

  17. simpleperson: golden one cos very pricey!

    kathy: keeping that for last!

    daniel: i also never been to Sabah yet!

    henry: he explained better than i do anytime! hahaha..


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