Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sibu Kampua Noodles And Famous Layer Cakes

After all the "Kompia Purchases" by the KL bloggers, it was time to replenish our stomach after a night long singing and er...dancing too! Lots of calories were lost during the Karaoke session... and I was yearning to go for my first-time Kampua Noodles...

Our Sibu icon, Arthur Wee took us to this shop called Soon Hock Cafe & Restaurant, just opposite this church here...
forgot to take down the name of this beautiful church.... 
and this is the shop where we sat on the five foot way...
our Sibu Icon...
finally.... eventually... the Kampua Noodles.. 
and the Piansips...
aren't the Piansips tempting??
Arthur ordered one extra fried foochow noodles for us..
Due to my greediness, I couldn't taste much of this noodles...
my stomach was full of Kampua noodles and Piansips!
my Kampua Noodles...
next...we were taken to this place.. 
oh dear, I forgot the name..
something like Ayam Penyet Bandung stall, right?
Arthur recommended us to buy these layer cakes..
(Kek Lapis)
Too many choices.. don't know which to pick... 
 I bought the Horlicks cake.. 
highly recommended by Arthur..
it became Andy's favourite after that...
Before leaving... a picture to remember...
"Snow White Quay Po" and the "Boss" herself....
Wonder when we will be here again... 


  1. How nice to meet fellow blogger Quay Po. Say aloha to her from Hawaii!

  2. Concentrated too much on all the food until you even forgot the name of the church! Wahahahaha

  3. Neways, so glad you folks got to meetup even though having to travel so far. ^^

  4. Tonight, we had the Horlicks Honey kueh lapis for dessert. My Quay Lo like the other flavors better but I like the Horlicks Honey the most, I wish I have bought a dozen. Hey! where were my seven dwarfs? muahaha

  5. gigi: sure.. thanks!

    gratitude: u can say that again.. hahaa..

    quaypo: I had two slices of them for breakfast this morning... next time must tumpang our friend to buy over.. *moe hak hei*... hahaa.. 7 dwarfs? all big liow! lol..

  6. the kek lapis is good and it's getting more common around KL too, with slightly higher price

    Latest: Malaysian Version of "International"

  7. What wonderful fun you have been having on this trip!! Is this your vacation from work, how much time off did you have?

  8. fish: those cost around 21-25rm.. depending on what flavour..

    ginny: my own vacation! :) nice to go for a short holiday at times...

  9. layered cake.. yummmmmm.... :)

  10. woot woot! 3 cheers for the sibu icon! :)

  11. are those piansips similar to the prawn wanton here?

  12. Kampua noodles - the white version of won ton noodles. Any lard added in?

  13. Better don't get those kek lapis in KL or by the roadside in Kuching. The non-refrigerated ones. The sheer fact that they can sit there day in day out without refrigeration is an indication of the amount of preservatives used. The same goes to the cakes in supermarts and bakeries.

  14. P.S.:
    This is one of the better places for kampua in town - I like Rasa Sayang best but it's closed...and there are a few other places that are also very nice but no time to take all of you to those.

    Lard is used to fry the dry shallots...and the fragrant oil is used to toss the noodles and the fried shallots are used to garnish the dish...along with a bit of chopped spring onions.

  15. P.P.S.:
    Isaac!!! You're making me shy lah...and Claire, don't call me the Sibu icon lah! Next visit, you'll see statues of me everywhere instead of the swan. LOL!!!

  16. Oh ya, Claire, you forgot to mention that the kampua and piansip are only RM2.30 each bowl...and the big plate of fried noodles for all to share was only RM5.00.

  17. Oh Claire, you make me feel so at home here. The food are so familiar and I'm drooling...haha. My gosh.....all of you look so professional with big cameras! Look like newspaper reporters and journalists! :D Wonderful to know all of you had a wonderful trip to my hometown and met our very friendly blogger, Arthur. Hope we will get to meet one day! :D

  18. lol i like it when u said arthur wee - the sibu icon! hahahaha

  19. cath: yes, these are good..

    isaac: he is blushing already!

    lena: similar in terms of wrapping but taste a bit different.. theirs is thinner.. ours is thicker..

    pam: yes, without the dark and light sauce.. I bought some home and will try them.. just fry some shallots or garlic and I think they will taste good!

    stp: yes, this one is very fresh and nice.. normally i dont take layer cakes but these are different.. ok, next time we will go visit Rasa Sayang for better kampua noodles! I didnt put price bec I didnt pay ma.. so i didnt know how much exactly.. hehehe..

    mary: yeah, one day hope we will get to meet together.. a BIG gathering among the bloggers!

  20. warghh looks good! i oso wanna noms

  21. Not you too, Henry Tan!!! LOL!!!

  22. henry: our friend is blushing now!

    ky: catch the next flight.. hahaa..

  23. LOL. Sibu Icon.:D

    I tried Kampua noodles here in PJ before and I liked it. It must've taste better in Sibu. It reminds me of the bunga raya wantan mee in Malacca.

    That's a good tip from Arthur. Now I know must buy the kek lapis that are refrigerated.

    And really la..Quay Po is so white! That's why she's Quay Po..hehe.

  24. Horlicks Honey layer cake, from the name I already it is sweet and nice. Kampua mee looks delicious too.

  25. carolyn: yes, try the original kampua noodles.. :)

    sheohyan: my son loves it but i prefer the other layer cakes..

  26. I didnt get to taste the Horlicks time perhaps..

    Now kathy regret of not getting the kek lapis..ahahhaha

  27. Would love that plate of fried foochow noodles. Simply delicious.

  28. yeeling: yeah, she borong-ed so much but not the kek lapis.. too heavy jor..

    irene: Should give it a try! :)

  29. so u finally taste the kampua noodles .. how is it? good?

  30. simpleperson, yes! they are sort of different from our place here...


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