Friday, April 6, 2012

Coach 70th Anniversary Gift For Me!

Today is Good Friday, this morning at around 6am, I went to Medan Gopeng to pick up Aaron who came back for the weekend. We had a nice breakfast in Wah Nam coffeeshop, taking all the food that he missed eating, Ipoh is still a food haven for those who are working outstation...

Okay, lets not talk about food... lets talk about Coach...
their 70th Anniversary...goes a long way.. 1941
Someone surprised me with this...
I saw it on my bed when I came home for lunch...
A simple gift....
Thank you for the surprise gift....
"Sure this is for me?"
so what else is in the box... 
alright... slowly does it...
wow... what a beautiful wallet.... 
I won't ask you how much it cost... I rather not..
Thank you so much, dear... 
Should I keep it first ... or
Should I start using it tomorrow?


  1. Impressed and touched by the generosity of Aaron. Claire is a lucky Mum. :)

  2. What a wonderful Easter gift!!!! Coach is so expensive that they keep them either chained or locked up in the stores. I have one Coach purse that my son gave me. He found it at one of their clearance outlet stores on sale.

  3. WAHHHHHHHH!!!! So nice! Coach is SOOOOOOO expensive! Better keep lah - use at son's wedding. Mother-in-law must bergaya sikit... Hehehehehehe!!!!

  4. From your title, I thought Coach gave it to you on their anniversary. My! My! Such a good and generous son... You think he will be just as nice to father-in-law or not? Muahahahahahahaha!!!!

    Pat on the back! You've brought up your children really well. Cheers!

    P.S. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  5. a very happy mum ..
    so you shall bring aaron to eat all the good food ya ..
    MUMMY belanja ... LOL...
    Happy Easter to you and your family.. have a good weekend ya..

  6. Nice gift.A big pat for Aaron and you are the happiest mum. Claire, STP says FIL, wink!!!...wink!!!...

  7. wow..congrats and I like the color

  8. very nice. how thoughtful of Aaron :)

  9. What a lovely gift, Claire! How thoughtful and generous of Aaron~ I'm too young to be a MIL, but I desperately need a baby brother. LOL!

  10. Wow, lucky you Claire..
    The purse looks modern and nice!

  11. That's an awesome surprise gift. NIce!

  12. Awww...such a courteous son. :D

  13. pam: no girlfriend yet so i m blessed.. :p

    ginny: i think they are expensive bec of the name?

    stp: see who is the blessed FIL/MIL... or DIL... hahahaa... Must "add in oil" la.. quick!!! Happy Easter to you too!!

    simpleperson: yes, going to take dinner again.. but simple one.. like your name! :)

  14. irene: oh, u notice! hahahaa.. STP got to do some explaining!

    wenn: me too..

    barb: he likes shopping... i think! :)

    yvonne: yeah, u r so young.. hahaha..

    blurkit: yes, very nice surprise indeed...

    tekkaus: something like you, right!

  15. The heart that counts. so sweet and touching.

  16. Yes don't ask how much and start using it tomorrow! :)

  17. littlekitboy: yes... :)

    kiasumom: hahhaa..yes!

  18. Your mother's day gift arrived so early this year. Nice one, your son.

  19. lovely gift!! So sweet of Aaron! It is indeed a very surprise gift.


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