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My Chapped Dry Lips Signs Of Aging?

Something is not right with my lips lately... been having some discomfort, every now and then, I need to put on lip gloss or vaseline... but the minute it dries up, I can feel my lip's skin folding up, in other words, "wrinkling" the moment the gloss dries up....

I can see the "kedut-kedut" (dried lines) on my lips.... 
why is it like that?  Allergy to lipstick?  
But I didn't start on any new lipstick lately..... 

Aging lips?  Possible...
Gosh... hope my face won't wrinkle so fast as my lips does...
To let you know what I meant, they were something like that... 
I dare not put up mine... it will spoil my blog post!!


  1. xD would love to see how it looks like

  2. made me laugh and I almost burned my dish :p reading your post...the remedy is know what I mean la :))))

  3. kathy: nice lips?? :)

    houhousek: if u see, then u no more hou hou sek.. hahaha...

    elin: hey..i dont know what you meant wor.. remedy what leh??

  4. I think I know what she meant... muacks muacks... haha.

  5. sometimes outside food with lots of seasoning can cause the lips to feel dry.

  6. Oh!!! Let me go and check mine in the mirror. LOL!!!

  7. Take care of your lovely, kissy, lips!

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  8. maybe you can try exfoliating your lips..

  9. Apply a lot of lip balm before you go to bed. When you finish brushing your teeth, clean the toothbrush and us it to brush your lips gently. This can exfoliate your lips. Put lip balm when you are in air con room. Hope these help.

  10. try some other type of lip gloss with vit E, or aloe vera. Maybe the pharamacist will be able to recommend something ?

  11. pam: oh, i think u r very right!! i confirm with her later! hahaha..

    wenn: cannot be drying the whole day.. at times skin peels off too!

    stp: mirror mirror on the wall!!! hahahaa..

    cloudia: it is unkissable now.. hahaa..

    lena: hey, i never heard of that..!

    yan: u r so informative! thanks.. i will follow it tonight!

    mnhl: now i dare not apply lipstick but only those vaseline and lip gloss only..

  12. Maybe it's a sign you need to drink more water??

  13. maybe its the weather... my lips gets dried easily these days... sigh and the ulcer is killin' me =.=

  14. what I do for soft kissable supple lips :-)

    After u brush your teeth, brush your lips in circular motion to exfoliate rough skin and whatever 'dirt' left from lipstick etc. Apply lip balm before u sleep, and next morning, after u brush teeth, brush your lips again, it will be so soft and kissable! :-)))))

    Do this twice a day, morning & night! Good luck :-)

  15. I think that dry lips is caused by aging and lack of water consumption.

  16. Those lipsticks look so cute and lovely! I bet they taste good too. Just make sure that your teeth are clean and healthy for that perfect smile. You might need to visit the cosmetic dentistry in New York to help you with your dental health.


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