Saturday, May 5, 2012

Family In Red

Aaron reached home around 2am... my eyes were already half closed so we didn't end up chatting much... This morning all of us got up quite late, we had our first meal in Koe Lei in old town. Aaron wanted to take rice, it had been a week since he last eaten rice because he has not been well for the past week.... yes, he looks slimmer than last month... hope I can "fatten" him up these few days... :)

After our lunch, we drove to Jaya Jusco Kinta City and had our second meal there... Baskin Robbins desserts!
we ordered a bit here and there....
my "baby".... 
cough, cough, go away... 
"I want to take durians!"
Notice something?
The four of us didn't plan to wear red....
We didn't realize it until we were at the porch...
looking from one to the other and laughing out loud...
So...should I say...
"Family members think alike?"


  1. What a sweet family!!

    Have a great weekend ya Claire~

  2. Poor thin! Singapore so many things to eat leh? Working to hard kah...or saving his money for something? Wink! Wink! Come, send him to Sibu...6 meals a day - sure will grow fat one! LOL!!!

  3. What a happy & sweet family. All with sweet smiles.

  4. such coincidence are hard to find!!!;D

  5. Hey, getting ready for Bersih 4.0?

  6. people will think that all of you 'pakat' to wear chinese new year..:)

  7. hayley: you too.. have a good smooth delivery!!

    stp: that shows he works hard for the money! :)

    irene: where food will smile....

    eunice: maybe i bought too many red shirts for him...hahaa...

    pam: bersih in Claire's family? :)

    lena: we wore yellow for CNY.. haha..

  8. Claire, I was not able to comment on your blog yesterday. Every time I clicked to publish, the computer froze. Didn't happen with other sites I visited.

    Congrats to your daughter! She must be very happy, you too!!!

    Hey, I can eat a little ice cream right now. Yum!

  9. happy family and white !!! hahaha great minds think alike ma :) Aaron looks slimmer better fatten him up :P

  10. I heard about Lady in Red but family in red also provides good pictures.


  11. What wonderful and beautiful children you have raised, you must be SO proud!

  12. Hope you're having a fantastic week-end. Raining here and has turned chilly again. I have a pan of chili on simmering for supper/dinner. thanks for stopping by. I had my full body scan of the bones on Thursday, and was still radioactive up till today. Had to carry a card with me in case I set anything off. Abe is having surgery for another aneurysm on May 14th. Needless to say he's a little anxious about that, the last one was in march 1996.

  13. red alert...
    so fast n it is CNY? lol ..
    happy sunday....

  14. Another Bersih rally ka? how come everybody wearing red one,may be you guys wanted to start another revolution,,, forget about politic,let's eat and be happy" rally,right?

  15. gigi: thanks for letting me know.. i wonder why it hangs.. hmmm...

    elin: yeah, he is very han there!

    filip: yeah, i got the idea from Lady In Red.. hahaha..

    ginny: All glory goes to our Lord..

    patty: do take good care of yourself..

    kathy: not ang mo hor! :)

    simpleperson: thanks... u too...

    eugene: yah la.. no need politics in the house.. be healthy, be happy!

  16. Nice family pix....all in Red.


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