Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pre Happy Mother's Day Celebration

We had our lunch at Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant in Kampar Road at around 12pm.... our first meal of the day... We have never came here before together with my family and since they are back in Ipoh, we celebrated Mother's Day very early in advance.......
We booked a room for our "special meal"
 Happy faces...
 grins and smiles...
We ordered the Poon Choy set... 
First came 4 different types of appetizers...
honey combed chicken with crispy rice...
Not sure what this was.. never tasted it before..
but it was good... 
fried fish and prawn paste...  
then came the main dish...
Poon Choy in Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant
the "Mothers"
granny and the grandkids..... 
for dessert, I bought mixed JJ swiss cakes...
Soon it was time to go home... 
everyone feeling satisfied and full...
Thank you AA for the Happy Meal... :)


  1. It is a good idea to celebrate mother days in advance..
    coz next week the price might be higher and lots of people...
    Sun lee How Fook's food is very good ..
    my parents always have dinner over there...

  2. nice..Happy Mother's Day to all of u mothers..

  3. What great family pictures!! The food looks wonderful. And what is the big round thing in the middle of the it like a lazy susan that will spin around with the food on it?

  4. Such a unique way to start the meal. Those appetisers are not so common in Chinese cuisine.

  5. got tapau somemore? hahaha... Happy Mother's Day... hmmm wonder where should we go to celeb that...

  6. The fattening before the slaughter - soon all gone and you will be left alone. Hey! Wait a minute! That fat nephew is around. can drag him along, jalan2 cari makan. Sure he wants one... Hehehehehe!!!!

    I really must try that poon choy one day. Wonder what it is. Looks like steamboat to me...

  7. simpleperson: you seem to be very familiar with Ipoh... :)

    wenn: Happy Mother's day to you too!

    ginny: oh, u call the spinning one Susan? this is something new to me.. :)

    pam: yes, first time for us too..

    wk: u must start planning now! lol...

    stp: it is so much better than steamboat.. yeah, you must try it one day... so now u know where to find it, eh.. :)

  8. Happy Mother's Day!!!

    All the foods looks good...

  9. Happy meal indeed. It's so nice to celebrate Mother's day ahead of its actual day to avoid overcrowding and all..

  10. Just wondering what is poon choy? Claypot or steamboat?

    Looking at the Swissroll......feel hungry la.

  11. A blessed family!

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  12. Happy Mother's Day to you in advance too. Wow!...what a lovely dinner with all family members and food looks great.

  13. sharon: they certainly do.. after that, no dinner.. too full..

    merryn: save cost too.. hahaa..

    mery: it is something like a stew but with all sorts inside the claypot..

    cloudia: All glory to God..

    irene: yes, we had a great time .. Happy Mother's day to you too!

  14. Good to be early to avoid the crowd!

    Happy Mother's Day¸Claire!

  15. The prawn dish looks quite nice worrrr

    i think i will jz bake a cake for my mum la

  16. Such gathering warmed my heart. U r a great mother yourself. Happy mother's day to you!

  17. yeeling: yeah.. i never thought of that actually..

    alvin: do that..and show us!

    carolyn: yeah.. coincidence..

    mnhl: all mothers are great!!


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