Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Red Babe's Transplant

For the first time my Red Babe had a "transpant" as shown in these pictures below...
the "docs" did a body check up on Red Babe 
before confirming what was really wrong with her...
Then the mechanic pointed the fault to me.. why my car wobbled 
and kept going to the left side of the road...
the left absorber is not functioning well... oil came out from there...
I cannot change only one side... so in then end, the right absorber too had to go....
I was there watching the whole process...
as my friend mentioned, this is called "transplant"... 
I had to be there to make sure that they changed genuine parts for me...
this is the new "heart" 
the mechanic allowed me to see the brand of the new absorber...
I saw it.. ok, genuine....
and after one and half hours, my Red Babe has been transformed...
and the total "medical bill" came to RM500!
well...  owning a car means having to take care of her...
 Now I can speed on the highway again!


  1. Ouch.. Never mind now your baby is very fit jor..ahhahha

  2. haha what a way to describe the event xD

  3. Didn't add a turbo engine? Nice sound..
    Just like d fast n furious........

  4. car maintenance definitely costs us a boom..

  5. ling: have to ... otherwise no transport..

    daniel: hahaha..otherwise boring..

    simpleperson: wait till i save enough money! hahaah..

    blee: yeah, it is like our member of the family!

  6. Did you watch them the whole time? They must have wondered why you were taking pictures!!! Our car is red, too!

  7. You feed your boys so well...sure your absorbers would go sooner or later mah! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  8. Glad to hear that your red babe has a successful transplant. Now it is like driving a sport car, hehehehe!!!!

  9. ginny: I have to cos I couldnt go anywhere without a car.. :)

    stp: oh dear.. i should let them pay for them then! :)

    irene: zzzooooommmm!!!

  10. oh oh... the transplant not cheap eh.. nowadays, car maintenance also killing our pockets


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