Friday, May 18, 2012

Sweet Temptations Indulgence

Come, let's go for a high tea in Gurney Plaza....
After walking more than an hour in Gurney Plaza, we felt it was time for us to have some desserts... we went to the lower ground floor and looked around and this sign attracted us.....
Lucky Dessert!
The food displayed at the counter made us "drool"....
we ordered this Passion Mango Delight....
and a piece of ........... Durian Crepe.......
The layers of fresh durian.... 
How to resist?  
It was a small piece but nevertheless, it was more than enough for both of us...
For both desserts, the bill came to around RM18.00..
Once awhile,
 indulging in these "tempations" is fine....
er.... right?

Lucky Dessert


  1. Oh no..the last pic...make me feel hungry now.

  2. durian crepe? looks good....
    they use cat mountain king durian "mou sang wong"?

  3. quaypo: thanks for consoling.. hahaha..

    mery: i made myself hungry too!

    simpleperson: i will ask them next time! hahaha..

  4. Hahaha of course it doesnt matter specially such lovely looking and tempting dessert! Omigosh I drooled!

  5. This yummy looking crepe...the layers are never ending!!! And the other fruit dish, is the black fruit Passion?

  6. I have never heard of Durian but it looks very good.


  7. Oooooo...durian crepe! I want!!! Nicer than the vanilla and choc ones you had in Sibu?

  8. P.S. It looks real messy though...

  9. Even though I am not a fan of durian, I still find the last picture irresistible.

  10. Hmm.. You travel to Penang quite oftem ho?
    I want that cake!!

  11. Yes, totally agree, Presentation looks messy but nevermind as long as it is nice.

  12. How to resist these sweets?? Both look tempting!!!

  13. Definitely fine for two of you. You and your daughter are considered petite.


Thank you, readers!

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