Monday, June 18, 2012

FAMILY, Father, Mother, I Love You!

It has been a long while since we have dinner as a big FAMILY in my mom's place... Since my kids are home, I suggested to my mom to cook up a BIG feast and gathering in her place... I know my mom will love it and so do WE!! LOL...

My mom can still cope up with some dishes and shy to say, I only managed to coop up one dish only!  Anyway, dishes aside.. as a family, we had a good time catching up with one another and what's up now....

As for the dishes... here are my mom's specialities!
Let me introduce....
 steamed chicken...
minced prawn fritters... (kids including ME love this!)
the stir fried prawns with garlic
hokkien dish... senkuang wrapped with lettuce...
abalone soup with fish maw....
hey.. guess who cook this dish??? 
sea cucumber, oysters, mushrooms... but no abalone.. 
My SIL gave me some bah chang dumplings to go along with the dinner...
I think my mom should get a bigger table next time...
The food filled up most of the space already!
When it comes to food, these expressions shows all......


  1. Looked like 'gor nin choy' (new year dishes). So scrumptious looking...

  2. That's like Chinese new year reunion dinner. Your hoi sum pou looks good !

  3. My kind of FOOOOOOODDDDDD.... yum yum...

  4. Wow..... Miss those times when I was a kid and staying with you guys! Lots of good food.! Your mum likes to make nasi lemak, laksa, fried bee hoon...etc etc.

  5. wow it really a happy dinner with all the family memebers..
    I always have the sengkuang + lettuce .. coz i am a hokkien..
    hey all the food reminds me of my mum homecook food .. sob sob..

  6. rachel: hahaha.. yes.. i agree!

    kathy: by all means.. next time! :)

    pam: we always cook same old dishes.. hahaha

    elaine: can bluff hor! hahaha..

    bean: serious???

    chris: and lots more bro!!

    simpleperson: when coming back to IPOH??

  7. It is certainly a lot of food, congratulations to the person who made it.


  8. Wah!!! Your mum's a great cook. Cooked so much and all looked so nice. Hmmm...yours looked good too - nit bad, not bad at all... But why only one leh? Lazy hor? Spank! Spank! LOL!!!

  9. This is miraculous and wondrous to me, because I literally can hardly cook two things a once. If try to cook two, one will burn. And forget talking while cooking. How did the two of you do all this....some of it the day before?

  10. Wah~~such scrumptious meal!! Home cooked is the best all time. Cannot compare with any 5-star restaurants!

  11. Wow, whole table full of tasty dishes. Mum cooking is the best. Great food and great family gathering.

  12. Wow...applaud for that dish of sea cucumber...looks delicious ! Great job! Your mom surely can cook, every dish aso looks delicious. Haih, I am hungry now looking at the dishes chinese new year reunion dinner leh :)

  13. wow wow wow! Look at all the food!

  14. Wah!! So many dishes!! I love the abalone soup with fish maW!!! Drooling....

  15. xjion: same to u!!

    filip: she aint heavy, she's my mother.. hahaa..

    stp: ouch!!! so hard your spanking! hahaha..

    ginny: no, all at the same day! :)

    sharon: i wouldnt mind eating them again!

    irene: i m sure you can cook very well too!

    elin: *bow bow* moms can cook! hahaha...

    merryn: once awhile cook like that.. :)

    kitty: mom's speciality!

  16. The food spread really made me drool. Your mum is a good cook. I miss my mum's cooking now. She was such a great chef when young but she has already retired from the kitchen as she is 82 years old now.

  17. wahhh....lau hau sui now..but am sick now.sigh**dun feel like eating anything

  18. Goodness much food. Best nyer. Is that your mum? look so young!


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