Sunday, June 17, 2012

Someone Wished Me Happy Father's Day!

Yes, I received an SMS from a friend... he wished Happy Father's Day to me too citing me as my kids' "daddy" too all these years.... 

I pondered about that... hmmm..... anyway, Fathers' or Mothers' Day, it is all about Family... Without Family, we cannot be Fathers or Mothers... in other words, Kids are equally important... thus it is Happy Family's Day to all!! LOL...

Well... back to my family, we started our morning outing taking these Dim Sum in Yoke Fook Moon at around 11am...
Initial stage... 1st round...
After our prayer of thanks, hands began to move... here and there... lol..
Abundant food for the 4 of us....
She's happy with her favourite dishes...
the dumplings!
Some grins to start off .....
Happy Eating!
This is our morning meal that lasted till dinner...
The bill came to RM65... ($21usd)
Considering this meal is for breakfast and lunch, 
the price is justified.... hahahaa....


  1. You are a great parent. I can see your children adore and respect you a lot.

  2. blessed parent's day!

    that is one hefty meal!

  3. Price is ok. In fact, I paid RM46 for 8 plates of dim sum Foh San yesterday and that's only good for 3 people.

  4. Price is ok. In fact, I paid RM46 for 8 plates of dim sum Foh San yesterday and that's only good for 3 people.

  5. yuinting: they are good kids... so far.. hahaha...

    doc: same to you, doc!!

    pam: eating dim sum is not cheap.. to sum it up.. :)

  6. that's nice..Happy Family Day!

  7. You are indeed a father and a mother both, and that can be very hard. But for show such an example to others for how they should make it look easy and fun and you always do it with a big smile, even though I know you do not always feel like also have to work all the time as well. You are proof to others that if done well, we can do it all! You are a true inspiration to other moms and dads both, Claire!

  8. True, very're both father and mother and doing a great job at it - truly blessed.

    Hey! Fernie came back... I thought you said only your two boys will be home? Hmmmm...dim sum!!! Yum! Yum!

  9. wenn: same to you!!!

    ginny: what a lovely compliment, i feel sky high already.. hahahaa... thanks!!

    stp: yeah, she couldnt resist not coming back even though it was only for less than 24 hours! anyway, treasure the time together and have a nice feast! hahaha...

  10. NIce to see all ur kids back home together...

  11. For breakfast n lunch...then cheap lol.

  12. I think RM65 is ok. Claire, you guys are a very closed-knit family. Many families have Dads around but are never as close.. Happy Family Day to you and your kids :)

  13. Even we who are merely your blog-friends can tell that you are an excellent parent, and your children are blessings to you, themselves, and to the world!

    Have a GREAT Week

    Aloha from Waikiki,
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>


  14. Happy Family Day to you, Claire. You are a great dad & mum to your 3 wonderful kids. Keep it up.!!!Cheerssss!!!

  15. Wow! That means you can celebrate both father's and mother's Day! Not bad! : )

  16. leona: it is good to see them home!

    mery: yeah, if i calculate like that... hahaa..

    merryn: as parents, we are still learning too..

    cloudia: God's grace and blessing! :)

    irene: same to you too! every parent tries their best...

    hans: same to you!

    kathy: actually no lar.. so much food..

    foong: hahaha..true in a way!

  17. It looked like CNY reunion dinner dishes for me. Thumbs up for your mom.


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