Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Am Here In Taiping Tourist Centre

 I really drove to Taiping!  Have food will travel is my motto and that is the main reason that I wanted to retire early, and when I ever do, I will drive around for food and for sights... that is my vision.... hahahaa.....

Ok, back to the Taiping story....

My friend and I wanted to try the dim sum at the Kum Loong restaurant and we managed to park our car at Jalan Tupai (Squirrel Road)....
 clearly no traffic jam in Taiping town...
amazed by one shot lot here....
I notice that there are many abandon shop lots in town....
as we walked along, this sight captivated me...
 reminded me of London....
but minus the phone...
Love the crown emblem though... 
That shows we were under the colonial times those days...
British ruling.... 
So ..this is the Old Clock Tower of Taiping!

After some research, this is what I found... 
briefly about the history, this tower was built in 1980 in a shape of a square fort.  
In between 1908 and 1950, this Clock Tower was being used 
as the town police station and fire brigade. (2 in 1)
Recently... it has been converted to 
Taiping Tourist and Information Centre...

tomorrow post - authentic dim sum


  1. Hahaha!!!...jalan jalan cari makan. you really mean it.Takes how long from yr place to Taiping? Enjoy yrself and have a nice weekend.

  2. Aunty really know how to enjoy life!

  3. Maybe some rich shopowner refuses to run any business and doesn't want to sell either... Just hang on to the property...

    Why the road done alang-alang one - looks like the car park part not surfaced?

  4. Love the old Clock Tower building, the colonial architecture. Very nice...

  5. in my memory I think I have not been to Taiping .....

  6. You went to Kum Loong? Were you disappointed with their dim sum? The pau is ok but the morsel... ergh...

  7. where is Taiping located in relation to Ipoh? Is it far?

  8. Irene: Toll to toll is only around 40 min if i drive.. but to be in the town, it takes almost an hour...

    chris: u uncle also must enjoy!

    stp: i love anything colonial.. hope they dont demolish them!

    simpleperson: from Ipoh, it is quite near.. can go seafood too!

    pam: when i reached, not many choices left.. actually which other dim sum shops is nice?

    gigi: it is 40 min going north from Ipoh...

  9. hmm..quite a rare sight of these kind of phone booths here..

  10. I'd not recommend the dim sum restaurants in Taiping. Although the quality of Ipoh dim sum is sometimes not consistent, they still taste better than Taiping's.

  11. Thanks fr the tour, I loved it!!! Telephone booths are a rare sight now, they are being replaced by cell phones.

  12. Wahhh! Claire... the phone booth really reminds me of Superman. Superman usually change his clothes in phone booth wan!

  13. Haven't been there for ages. My dad always bring me to the zoo when I was young. I'd like to bring my son there when he is older.

  14. The red phone booth really look antique.

  15. lena: yeah.. no more in Ipoh..

    pam: so far, tried one shop only..

    ginny: yes, u r very correct! those were the days..

    cleff: hahahaa.. true!! now u said it..

    andrew: now i dont need to go to the zoo anymore..

    vicky: yes.. looks british..

  16. haha, "have food will travel"!! i like this motto of yours, cool.. hey, this is Taiping town?? the shoplots are interesting, and they have the red phone booth too~~

  17. I think you are very familiar with Taiping's road already...
    To me, Kum Loong's dim sum is so so only.. :P

  18. sk: yes.. i am very wai sik one..

    hayley: yeah, i think it is so so only.. but then i never tried before till that day...

  19. Hope to meet you one trip k

  20. Oh Claire, you did some research on the clock tower? I didn't bother to look up its history *paiseh*

  21. Aiyo, the phone booth so cute! I love it!

  22. Like the red booth. Reminded me of Harry Potter who used the booth to transport him to other dimension! Lol!


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